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Important Safety Tips for Outdoor Runners and Walkers

Put Your Safety First with These 6 Strategies


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  • will do these things for sure
  • In the news this week has been stories of two young women who went out running alone, one in Mass. and the other in NY and each was raped and murdered. How sad. Much safer to go to a public track such as a park or community college where there are other people.
  • We live in the country with no leash laws and my adult daughter and I had to quit walking outside due to dog problems - particularly pit bull types. Tried using a stick to threaten with but it didn't last long. My best bet is to walk with a man - usually my hubby, who in our case the dog respects more -- but the opportunities to walk are much more limited. In home walking DVDs are my alternative for the most part.

    Also, I am glad to see some responses about the dangers the head/ear phones can cause while walking, jogging, biking. I have always felt it could be dangerous and appreciate seeing tips and warnings shared.

    Probably not necessary on SPARK but I would also remind bikers to please wear helmets. See a lot of bikers without them.
  • As I child, I learned walk facing the traffic, ride with the traffic. I see so many people who walk, run, or bike on the wrong side of the road. Doesn't anyone teach basic safety rules anymore?
  • My husband and I walk the same area for twenty years. Several weeks ago we were walking and a very large pet bull came running from around a house, this is out in the country with house and farms at least a1/4 mile away. The dog ran across the road to get to us it stopped and just looked at us. A man comes out of the house and tells us it won't bite you, but the dog did not listen to the owner and had to be dragged back into the house. Later we found out the house was sold without being up for sale. We now carry spray just in case. You never know when a situation changes you always need to be on the look out.
    Also good advice for walkers.
  • Add-on to my comment: has great info on "Rules of the Road"
  • I didn't know about Road IDs and I am so glad you mentioned them as I am always keeping my ID on me and never have a good place to keep it. These are brilliant.
  • YES! A dear teacher from high school was killed by running with the flow of traffic. A tractor turned right and my teacher was in a blind spot. It happened within seconds and could have been avoided.

    And I'd also like to add to the "don't run with music" : don't run with music in both ears if you must run with music. Use one part of the headphone/earpod. There have been two reported rapes in the 11 years that I've lived in my area. Both were women runners who were on their own during the day with music in both ears. Don't do it.
  • I agree with what others have said about blasting music, especially if it's dark out and your awareness is already impaired. I was saved by my phone when I fell and hurt myself a few months ago, and instantly whipped it out and made a call when approached by a guy who gave me a bad vibe one time. Better safe.

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