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How Weight-Loss Blogging Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Blog Away the Pounds!


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I write a daily blog here on SparkPeople and have found what you wrote about to be true. There are times I don't feel like writing a blog then I remember the people who have said some of the things I've shared have helped them get through a tough day and they look forward to reading my blog. Thank you very much for this article. Report
Good article! Report
Great article! Report
thank for sharing this inspiring & interesting post Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing.
I used to blog...I gave it up. I love that people do blog. It can be therapeutic. For my therapy, I walk. Report
Blogging can be therapeutic Report
Great article. I needef the reminder regarding accountability. Report
I have learned to blog as it makes me accountable and I can "see" and "read" where I was to track where I am. Also I can determine what works for myself as well as others. Report
Thank You Report
Great article. Thanks SP! Report
I remember in college having Mrs. Volmer and she made us take the papers from each other and rewrite them so they said the same thing but in half the amount of words. I so often would like to do that with Spark articles. LOL Report
very informative post. Report

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