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8 Ways to Build Maximum Muscle in Minimal Time

Double-Duty Strength Training


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    Thanks for sharing
  • Good suggestiobs. A teaching video would be helpful.
    A bit too complicated for me, especially trying to perform two exercises at once (balance/safety issues?), when concentrating on one at a time seems more effective and safer. It's true a load of isolation execises take more time and are generally less effective for building overall strength and machines can hold you in unnatural positions. Jumping about doing other stuff between sets is likely to take something away from that session, not improve it. Concentrating on a few simple compound, free weights routines with a barbell, proper form, proper recovery (during and after workouts) and lifting increasingly heavier is better imo. See Stronglifts 5x5 from It's serious stuff aimed at males primarily and goes really heavy over 12 weeks initially, but the principle is right, it has suggestions for females and can be adapted, however light you want to start. This article is just tinkering around the edges, there are no short cuts, but there are tried and tested methods of getting stronger out there.

  • Excellent article! I will try this today.
  • Enjoyed the article. Thanks for sharing.:)
  • The best tip of all was: skip the exercise machine .. holly glory ! I loved this so much . I am not losing then by skipping the boring machine exercising and attending other classes that I enjoy better . . Thanks !!
  • Thanks for sharing.
    good information .......very useful
  • This article gave me a lot of things to think about!! Brilliant!
  • I love this article, and Sparks for helping me be smarter about my health.
  • Love Article. Thanks Suntoot I saved it.
  • Love this article. To answer your question on how to save it. Look on the left right by the article you will see the save button along with other ones. I saved it myself.
  • How can I add this to my "favorites" folder? I really like this article and it should help me start strength training.
  • A couple days ago I read a Sparks Article on 8 Exercises Never to Do. It mentioned using the leg press machine, and specifically letting the knees come towards the body more than 90 degrees, explaining that this type of exercise is apt to put too much stress on the knee area and ruin your knees.

    So I was surprised to see the photo that illustrates this article shows a man doing what we were told not to do!

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