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Spring Into Shape Bootcamp Workout Plan

Get Fit, Have Fun and Reshape Your Body for Summer


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We will be traveling a lot over the next 3 weeks. I plan to do my cardio in the hotel fitness center or run outside. I am very glad that I can do the videos on my I-Pad (hotel has wifi!). I'll be able to stick to it no matter where I am! Report
Whew just started this challenge today...sweating a bit here!! Report
I just started this today and I am excited! I am ready to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle and get into shape! Report
Great plan, but I just had surgery and can't exercise for a few weeks! Good luck to all those who do it! Report
Love the fact that it’s 10 minutes and so easy to fit into a hectic schedule. Report
Oh I like this idea! It's all neat and layed out for ya and everything! :D Count me in! Report
going to start this today. Report
Gonna start this on Sunday! Report
Okay! I start this tomorrow:) wish me luck:D
OK so I was doing theis wrong. I started with day one on a thurs. Now that I realize I will do day 7 and the wed. one. I have been working out for a while now so doing more than one is easy even if I run thorough both 2 times. See I am really new to this. Report
Click on spring into shape challenge and at the bottom of the page is a graph with with 7 videos, one for each day. As soon as you are done with the video at the bottom you can: get 3 spark points, track on fitness and then something else. Report
Also joining this one after January Jumpstart, and I'm very excited. These keep me motivated to exercise, which was always my weakness. Deborahfarmer...instead of browsing for the videos from the Fitness page, you can get it logged directly from the video itself. Underneath are either two buttons, or three: Get your Sparkpoints and Comment, or Get Your Sparkpoints, Track Calories Burned, and Comment. If you click Track Calories Burned, it logs it onto your Fitness page. If you only have two buttons, click Get Your Sparkpoints. Then click the button that says "Return to Article." Then the Track Calories button should appear. (If you are not already logged into Sparkpeople, you might have to log in, then repeat these steps.) Hopes that helps! Report
I'm very excited to do this challenge. I'm going to Hawaii on spring break and don't want to look back at pictures and see how big I was instead of seeing what a great time we had. Report
I just finished the January Jumpstart Challenge and I'm looking for more. I really love how these videos only take about 10 mins a day. I usually do them early in the morning before I get too busy. Report
I'm lucky enough to have a laptop from work, so I carry it to whatever room in the house has space & quiet. I have also moved things away from the desk computer and created space for me to do it there. The Day 7 video wouldn't show for me, only the audio, but I was able to listen and follow that one because of the good explanations.

Good luck!

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