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Sneak It In and Tone It Up

Try to Fit in Exercise No Matter Where You Are


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Amazing how the little things can help so much! Report
thanks Report
All good ideas. Standing in line I can do some leg work for toning. Report
This has been my modus operandi for ages. Sitting around and driving too long or too far are my buggest exercise worries. I do balance exercise while brushing my teeth and stretch chest and back whenever I can. Report
I sneak in a few pushups during commercial breaks! Report
Since most commercial breaks on TV last about 4 minutes, why not make the most of them? Report
I've been trying little short bursts of activity. It works! Report
every little bit counts.... Report
Everything counts! Report
Ideas all help Report
In my last job, my coworkers knew that most of the times, when my door was closed, I was getting exercise in! Report
“During your commute” was especially helpful. Report
I enjoyed the positiveness of this article. It is too easy to beat ourselves up and find we only focus on the negative. This tip to exercise during commercial breaks REALLY works. I know from personal experience. What I enjoyed the most by doing exercise during the commercials, is that the commercials are NOT as annoying because I am focused on something else. I found that I didn't have any guilt at the end of my TV program because I was doing something good for myself and I felt healthier. My blood sugar also improved by doing exercise after eating which helps to burn sugar. GREAT TIPS!!!
thanks. Report
Great suggestions................. Report

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