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Are You Cheating Yourself by Choosing the Treadmill?

What's Better: the Treadmill or the Open Road?


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  • After I started running on a treadmill, my knees gave out - the doctor who finally was able to explain it told me that there were a few factors: 1) I'm a woman - which means that my hips are wider than my knees; 2) I'm at the age when my ligaments are not as resilient as they used to be; 3) with a treadmill, the mechanics are different than on the road (or track) - when we walk/run, our body pretty much goes with our feet. When we walk/run on a treadmill, we put our feet out in front of our body, and it gets moved back to us by the machine - which means that with the treadmill, our foot arch gets pulled down more than when we normally walk/run - which in turn pulls on the ligaments in the leg, and because of the angle from the knee to my hip, this put an abnormal strain on my knees, and I now cannot use the treadmill (and some other things as well). So - telling people that if they have bad knees they should use a treadmill is not a good thing - tell them to go to a good sports doctor first and get their recommendation.
  • I like more outdoor walking coz it makes me feel attached to the nature while enjoying the fun of doing it with friends around. Likewise ,, it serves as a good opportunity for meeting people from all walks of life.. and that includes having to meet people from the business world too... So ALL in One... hehehe
  • I HATE treadmills!! In the past I have owned two of them and gave one of them away and sold the other one. My steps are uneven and I could never get a comfortable walking gait on the treadmill. I was unable to go as far on the treadmill as I do outside, so I do most of my walking outside. I have some of Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home DVDs which I use to "walk" inside when the weather isn't condusive to being outside.
    The treadmill beats outdoors every time for me because I can read while I walk. I just prop up whatever I want to catch up on -- The Economist, one of those classics I always meant to get around to, fat airport novel, you name it -- and walk. I feel like I'm doing two things I need to be doing in half the time it might normally take.
    I use the treadmill and I walk outside when I can. I have health concerns and when the weather doesn't permit I use my treadmill and my stationary bicycle! I cannot run and just walk. I usuallu try for 4 times a week.
  • i would rather be outside any time, i hate the treadmill with a passion...i feel like im being punished, as where, when im outside, i get to enjoy the sun or the cool breeze, i feel like im doing something healthy and good for me
  • I have a treadmill, but I can run a lot farther outside. I can set myself mini-goals (one more lamppost, two more driveways). I have less motivation when it comes to sticking with the treadmill--sometimes the minutes seem to drag by. But, I just moved across country and don't have a good running route figured out without driving somewhere first. It's hot here, so I'd have to do that bright and early! I miss jogging around my neighborhood, but the treadmill serves its purpose.
  • NJ_HOU
    For Anyone going through the rehab after arthroscopic knee surgery --- I was told don't use the treadmill as it pulls you along .... you want to strenghten your quads, muscle above your knee, and the treadmill does not work as well as walking.
  • I enjoy both, but normally take advantage of the use of the treadmill more so due to the convenience of it being in the home.
  • I think this article is pretty biased.
    I think it makes sense to to both and to do what is easier for you to maintain motivation for, but this disregards the unbiased results of the treadmill. I was constantly overestimating my exertion outdoors. The treadmill allowed me to access what my output was.
    i believe it is a personal choice, and the article states this,it tell u the pros and cons.I personally like walking outdoors,but when the weather is bad, you bet I will walk on my treadmill. By the way I LOVE my BOWFLEX!!!
  • In the first line, walking is mentioned. The rest of the article is about running. I am a walker. The article was of little use to me. I don't think most people should be running. Most people, when their foot drops, their leg angles out. They are damaging their limbs by putting too much pressure on them.
    Variety is an important factor for living a healthy fit lifestyle.
    I agree with one commentator, it is not fair to pit treadmills against outdoor running.
  • I read this article and felt it was a 'downer' for me. I use a treadmill, of course. The benefits I feel are convenience, and the big one is safety. As a senior trying to lose weight, we could fall outdoors because of uneven surface, also we can control the temperature when we use our treadmill, therefore we can exercise year round. For some reason, the article just didn't do any thing for me.
  • I'd rather they compare elliptical trainers and treadmills, I have some serious questions about that!
  • I find the treadmill extrememly boring. Send me outside. If the snow would just stop!

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