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How to Start an Indoor Herb Garden

Fresh, Fast Flavor from Your Own Windowsill


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  • I am hoping to have an awesome outdoor garden when we move. I will have to find some shade options since still in Fl. I also grow some cool tropical herbs that are not familiar toma lot of people.
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  • I keep trying to grow them indoors but not have much success to that. Will still keep trying.
  • I have always had an outdoor vegetable garden, for many years, but done indoor herbs. I think I am going give it a try this year and add to the homegrown bounty!!!
  • I began a long time ago and grew parsley - a lot of fun and outdoors. Then we moved and I lost my location and haven't begun again. Still a goal, though.
  • I grow basil in my garden in the summer, but have not had much luck with it in the house - probably too cool for it during the winter. But I have parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme in pots, which go out for the summer and come in the rest of the year. I am blessed with a nice big sunny box window in my kitchen, and they seem to like it there. So nice to have fresh herbs year round!
  • I grow herbs outdoors. They really add a punch to my food. I look forward totrying an indoor garden.
  • I did try this. My cat goes after them. I'm thinking of trying to hang the pots out of his reach. Except the basil. He doesn't like that.
  • I did try this. My cat goes after them. I'm thinking of trying to hang the pots out of his reach. Except the basil. He doesn't like that.
  • It would be fun to have an herb garden, indoors or outside. Our windows don't get the right amount of light, because the house is really old. It's designed funny.
  • Thanks for sharing!
  • Lots of good tips here. Experience is the best teacher : ) Thanks
    I wish I read your sight before I tried growing my own herb garden. I have learnt a lot and realised my mistakes as to why the herbs were dying on me. In the future I will buy plants from a local nursery or farm, in order to have drainage holes and have a large enough pot for root development. I was watering the herbs fairly regularly a day, which I thought would benefit them, however your blog has made me realised this is harmful and causes the roots to rot. I also had a strange ant and bug problem in relation to the herb garden in my home, is there a reason or prevention for this?
    Dill plants do not like the shock of being transplanted. I never could understand why they died. Read somewhere that dill should be started from seed and when I started doing this I had beautiful plants.

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