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5 Fun Ways to Dive In to Aquatic Exercise

Water Workouts that Really Work


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Swimming is great exercise. Report
I Love swimming Report
Swimming was my favorite! Report
Swimming was my favorite! Report
I enjoy the water exercises. Should get involved with the morning aerobics but the muscles aren't ready at that time of the AM. Report
great Report
I simply love my water aerobics class. But hadn't thought of the water shoes, Thanks! Report
love water jogging Report
Swimming is my favourite exercise, and I would love to incorporate it into my daily schedule. I have a couple of pools that are open every morning, and if I could get myself out of bed earlier, I might be able to swim every morning. I wonder, could I be organized enough to get dressed for work, at a pool. Hmmm.... Report
I like water aerobics. With my stamina running low due to chemo, I can do a 2 hour pool workout better than I can do 10 min on a treadmill lately. It keeps me more active so I stay stronger. Report
Music makes exercise possible! Report
How do you calculate fitness points when walking in water and then again in an aqua track - against a current? Report
I first did water aerobics when my friend invited me to her gym 10yrs ago. didn't like it! Fast forward, 6yrs and because of a chronic ankle runnning injury my physical therapist prescribed water aerobics. I decided to go to the YMCA instead! They know about water aerobics! I do deep water aerobics/also known as Tabata 4x a week! helps my back too! I have a detachable swimming skirt to put on my bathing suit as well for modesty :D Report
I love water aerobics but I don't have access to a pool until summer Report
I have been trying to swim more as I live less than a Km from the beach. Biggest issue I have is watching the tide charts... low tide is only knee deep, high tide is almost chest deep. Can't do a lot knee deep ha ha Report

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