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A Power Food for Health Nuts

The Tasty and Surprisingly Healthy Snack


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  • Coconuts are not nuts, botanically, they're a stone fruit. My son has a nut allergy and can has had coconut and is fine. Coconut is very healthy. The oil has a high smoke point, so it doesn't degrade when cooking. Coconut also has medium-chain fatty acids which are excellent for your health in so many ways. Just wanted to clarify that coconuts are NOT nuts, FDA or no. Nutmeg has "nut" in the name, but isn't a nut either. So not a nut, but excellent for your health, as long as what you're getting is good quality and doesn't have fillers or lots of extras that you can't identify.
  • I love all kinds of nuts. I buy the cans of mixed nuts and use my 1/4 cup measuring cup and pour it into a small bowl (and it makes it look like more) and sit down and enjoy them one at a time! Yummy!!!
  • I know that nuts are healthy. BUT ... they are definitely a binge food for me. I have to buy small quantities when I'm out. I can't buy a can or large bag --- because I have a problem limiting myself.
  • A whole article about nuts, and then they use peanuts (which are of course beans, not nuts) as an example. SMH.
  • I love them, but I do measure every time I eat them because it is easy to eat way more than a serving.
  • Only having a measured amount of nuts per day stops the binging, and for me, I totally avoid salted, roasted nuts. I could easily wolf down a whole can. I stick to raw, unsalted nuts, and still measure my allotment , but I never gorge on raw nuts. Most roasted nuts are coated in some other kind of oil first before roasting, so beware of those kinds. Raw is healthiest.
  • I love the 'mint tin' idea! I'm going to put some in my purse right now!

    I try to stick to walnuts though, just because those cashews and peanuts are way too delicious!
    Nuts, oh nuts. I have been eating these little power houses for years. Throughout the day, I grab a few different ones. Walnuts, Cashews, Almonds, and Pistachios are all my favorite. I also combine them with jumbo black raisons for added benefit. Most breakbast days consist of a bowl of oatmeal on top of walnuts, and cinnamon. I don't eat meat, so these little creatures really satisfy me. Oh! not to forget, before I go to bed or while reading in bed, I grab a few Walnuts. There I've given my body protein to munch off of throughout the night. That way it leaves my hard earne muscles alone.
  • Love pecans or walnuts on my oatmeal. They are so good on some salads with craisins added, too. Especially the salads with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries/
  • I eat mixed nuts daily and love them! I make my own trail mix so I can control the portions and I can cut out peanuts (which I hate!) and add whatever else works. Weigh your nut portions b/c everyone's idea of a handful is different. :)
    I am pleased about the health benefits of nuts. I keep a small container in my desk drawer at work. It is a great suggestion to measure out the nuts in mint tins, or small baggies, to prevent overeating. Also, as others have stated, limit the salted kind. Having nuts handy at work, helps to tame my hunger pangs! :-) Thanks for the information.
    I almost always have cashews available for an afternoon snack at work. They keep me from hitting the vending machine, satisfies salty cravings and staves off hunger until dinnertime. And of course they are delicious :)
    I measure out an ounce of Trader Joe's Spicy and Tangy Almonds every evening and slowly savor them. If I didn't measure them first, though, I could eat the whole package! They are a very satisfying snack.
  • Nuts are an important part of my weight loss and health journey. I LOVE them, and I know I am doing something good for myself every time I eat them! My faves are cashews and pecans, and I almost always buy the raw organic unsalted kind - better taste AND better health!
  • I am dibetic, I carry a snack bag with 2 dozen almonds inside with me when i am out. If I get the hungries which is rsre for me i can avert a HYPO reaction every time. Pat in Maine.

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