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7 Good Reasons to Smile

When You Smile, the World Smiles Back


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  • Learned this lesson years ago as a Personnel Interviewer. Some days I just wasn't happy and soon realized that it didn't make a very good impression to meet a candidate with a sour look on my face and sullen "hello." When I started smiling and acting happy to meet candidates it didn't take long before my whole mood lifted.

    SMILE. Even today......
  • I watch comedy movies when I'm feeling down and makes the most of my day or relaxes before I retire for the night. Smiling is a given each day for me :)
  • I once interviewed with a bonafide French chef for a position in his restaurant. I smiled during the interview. It cost me getting hired--the chef himself was very serious and stern, and I was told it was a cultural difference. He didn't like it, he told me so himself. He also said he didn't hire me because I was a woman!
  • Great! I'm going to give this a try when my job is stressing me out. It might just do the trick.
  • Smiling makes you feel good inside and out! It can actually bring up your morale! Try this one time.... you walking through say Walmart. You see an elderly person in a wheel chair or hanging onto their basket. Make eye contact and smile. See what happens. You may have just made their whole entire day!


  • This is so true!
  • smiling is good, it helps one to coordinate well ad stay beautiful.
  • Nice piece of schmaltz.
  • Thanks for this article, I really needed today as it's being quite a bad one! :)
    A smile can really help all those around you.
  • This was such an encouragement for today being I've been feeling stressed out lately I gotta remember to smile through it all ☺
    I was taught in customer service training that a customer can hear the smile on your face. I've found this to be absolutely true! Sometimes, I am having a terrible day but I make myself smile as I answer the phone. People will often comment about how happy or perky I sound. It's amazing!
  • Yes-- Indeed, a smile can do wonders for our life!
    And make sure that yours is a healthy smile by practicing good oral hygiene---
  • smiling can be a work out too because it takes more muscles to smile that it does to frown...


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