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Weight Loss can be a Team Effort

Build Your Own Support System


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I agree with you. If you truly love someone, you should be truthful and use compassion. Report
Teams help Report
Teams have a positive effect on accountability! Report
Team work! Great motivator! Report
Great. Report
Team work… I agree, generally speaking. Most people do better when encouraged by others or when they work with others for a common goal. However, This weight loss thing is a rather personal thing. I actually enjoy encouraging others… if I can, but the rah rah go dude stuff… just isn’t motivating for me. Worse, the second I go out and tell someone… a friend or relative… that I am working on weight loss, or getting in shape, it’s demotivates for me: really. I am experiencing some success, but it works better as a private thing… thus, I am phitzopater, not ________ ¬¬__________. Seems to work better, at least for now. And so, I tell no one, work on it by myself, do the spark thing whole hog… Although the friend thing, well…. Report
I agree so much with this. The only way I shifted the pounds was when I did it with another person. I have never ever been able to achieve the same weightloss by my self. Report
LOVE, love, love the idea of getting a "team" and assigning roles. Another thought is to ask one "team" member to just listen, etc. Great article! Report
Great ideas! I have never been successful without a supportive environment. I really believe that environment is everything! Your ideas take my thoughts even farther! Build a specific environment where everyone has a special function to perform for the whole...kind of like cells working together for the good of the body as a whole!

Margie Report
Hi:) So I'm new to sparkpeople and I agree I think its so much easier to lose weight when you have support and make it a tteam effort!! The only problem is I have no idea what I'm doing on here?? How do I meet new people?? How do I get more involved?? What are the points all about?? I'm lost!!! Please if anyone can help Id appreciate it!! Thanks!!! Report
sounds like a good idea
I have been overweight my entire life. (I was the only kindergartener that wore a training bra; true story.) I've always had the mentality that I needed to lose weight but I've always diluted myself into thinking that 'no one else noticed' I needed to lose weight. So, since no one else noticed, I could struggle & fail & maybe lose weight on my own & then surprise them once I was skinny!....The only person I surprised was myself once I realized how big of a load of crap that thinking was. Since the beginning of the year I've been actively trying to lose weight with proper diet & exercise. And, I've always included my immediate family, but I've included my Facebook family since the beginning as well. I've even started including my co-workers on my journey. The point is, you HAVE to include other people along this journey or you'll fizzle out. Keeping all of these people abreast of my progress keeps me accountable BIG TIME! Report
I did this at my job. Many of my coworker have been working on their weight over the past year by themselves. When I really started I asked everyone to join a biggest loser contest. We have been able to support and movative each with our weight loss.

I start my own spark team and the people that been supporting me the most joined. Now I have all of them and their positive ideas on the feed. It is very inspiring! We are small, but we are active and supportive of each other. If you like to walk and need support please join us at team Pink! Report
Ha ha, I think I'm the bizarre one. Love the article; I'm finding that teamwork definitely beats going it alone. Report

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