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60-Second Health and Fitness Boosters

Simple Ways to Improve Your Health--Almost Instantly!


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  • PANNI2
    This was so encouraging :) - 1/22/2017 10:59:43 AM
  • *Cold* water? *Why does it have to be COLD*? For those like myself who may be sensitive to cool/chill, this is problematic - room temperature is *ideal* for me! - 1/22/2017 7:23:35 AM
  • LIked many of the suggestions - and no surprise already do them. Some of them I cannot do (jumping jacks? pushups?) Sadly these days either of those could land me in an urgent care center. Ah, but breathing and smiling. Those are perfect and they do have the power to help refocus. Thanks. - 12/28/2016 8:57:04 AM
  • Lots of good suggestions. Thanks - 9/13/2016 3:59:50 AM
  • It is amazing what a simple compliment can do for someone you don't know. And it is a great antidote to all the hate going around in the world today. - 6/21/2016 9:26:05 AM
  • I think it's going to be "Drop down and give me two, soldier!" - 5/24/2016 10:56:07 AM
  • When I am at the grocery store, I find a person to interact with - a Mother with a cute baby, a gentleman looking for a particular item, occasionally someone i know, or whatever. And, have been so encouraged by the interaction with that person. And, perhaps, I even added a bright spot to their day. - 5/12/2016 1:02:53 PM
  • Thank you. I am smiling! - 4/6/2016 12:45:42 PM
  • I like the 60 second health booster list and I do a lot of them. Lately, it has been listen to a song and go outside and drinking water and thinking of things I like about myself instead of just things I hate about myself and others. I was happy to see so many things that I am doing. - 2/27/2016 3:01:18 AM
  • Regular jumping jacks and push-ups are out of the question for me, but I learned a modified chair jumping jack, and can substitute wall push-ups sometimes.

    Great variety of suggestions! - 1/31/2016 9:40:20 AM
  • great tips a gratitude list is something i do often . helps me get over my pity parties - 1/24/2016 12:42:03 AM
    One thing you mentioned was to compliment a stranger. That sounds like it wouldn't make you feel healthier but you would be wrong. Every time I go out of my way to compliment someone it makes me feel more alive and everyone needs a word of encouragement at some time. I see someone with dropping shoulders suddenly stand or sit taller and smile and I know that I've made us both happy. It doesn't cost a thing so why not try this? - 1/12/2016 9:08:08 AM
  • Anyone can do this! Especially me! - 11/15/2015 10:46:38 AM
  • Uplifting article - most all of us can do at least some of these things every day. I'm copying a list to put in my day book as a daily reminder. Thanks! - 10/20/2015 10:22:09 AM
  • Great article and good info. I can't do them all, but I can do most of them!! - 10/8/2015 9:16:36 AM

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