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15 Natural Mood Lifters

Quick and Easy Ways to Lift Your Spirit


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  • A cup of herbal tea helps me
  • Great ideas and easy to add to my daily life.
    This was a great article that can really help me may need to read it a few times to sink in. I have depression however I think because it's the way I eat. Will improve in that. I can't excercise like I use to due to back surgery but remain independent no cane or roller walker proud accomplushment. This is day 1 fir me lots to think about and consider...
  • This was a great article. Sometimes I need to be reminded of the little things in life that make me happy.
  • I like this. In many ways, we each make our own happiness.
  • This is a great list ! I would like to add just one more thing that would enhance any mood. Since we are all magnesium deficient wether we know it it or not... A 100% absorbable magnesium in liquid form that goes straight into your cell without causing the laxative effect. I discovered Dr Carolyn Dean after reading her book the magnesium miracle. This is one of many of her articles on how magnesium is so amazing...
  • Great article! Dogs do make wonderful therapists & exercise partners. Mine get me off the couch & out the door whether I'm in the mood or not!
    What a very helpful and informative article. Thank you!
    Very interesting. Music definitely can change your mood. The song Tears in Heaven always leaves me feeling depressed but Aretha Franklin leaves me thinking I can take on the world.
  • Good article! An article in the newspaper stated that there is a medication prescribed for depression that can bring about Alzheimers! Basically for every action there is a reaction, so it's a good idea to really become a detective about any medication (LONG TERM or SHORT) that you may be taking. I love these natural ways.
  • OLEJA99
  • Nice article and I fully agree with the ideas, however, like others, when I get down, the motivation to get up and do those things is what is causing the problem. It's not clinical depression, but just lifestyle issues, and overcoming them can seem overwhelming and exhausting. Once I get going I'm ok, but sometimes I need to address a deeper issue to get out of my funk...
    Good Common Sense, but if someone really struggles, talk to a doctor about depression, please.

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