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Smart Ways to Soothe Sore Muscles

Decode, Treat and Prevent 5 Common Types of Post-Workout Pain


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    Thanks for sharing
  • Thanks for this valuable information
  • Thanks, answered a lot of questions I had
  • Great information - especially the information on what not to do!
  • I always try the RICE method first, as to see the health professional involves a $40 co-pay, then another $100 for the balance. The health professional usually recommends the RICE routine, and if you go for an Xray or God forbid, an MRI, prepare to pay over $1000. This is just nuts.
  • On August 30, I decided to rearrange my living room. I currently walk with oxygen because when I walk I lose oxygen. So, any how I decided enough was enough!! I started to switch the couch and the entertainment center. Both are extremely heavy. I was having great difficulty moving the entertainment stand and so I reached over and attempted to pick it up. I imagine it probably weighed 2000 pounds. When I attempted this I started at my knees, and well, there was this very loud crack. Like a fool I continued for 5 more hours (not wanting to live it all exposed) the next day I was good. Oh but the very next day I was horrified at how much it hurt. On a scale of 1 - 10, it was an easy 11. I contemplated calling 911. Today, will mark 7 days. I still have a lot of pain but nothing compared to before. There was no one else I could ask for help from. I took "lyft" to Walmart and picked us some pain patches and Ibuprofen. Thanks for listening to me just ramble on.............. Hope your day is awesome, and may GOD B L E S S you and keep you safe.
  • I really struggle with believing that most people's "instinct" to get rid of a calf muscle would be to point the toe instead of elongate the calf muscle. I have never been had the natural instinct to do that-always, always first inclination was to stretch (i.e. elongate) the muscle. Now, that being said, out of curiosity one time I thought "Gee, what would happen if I did not immediately go into stretch mode?" OUCH!! Wow, that was one mistake I never made again. Cramp turns into a complete knot--and then try loosening THAT up!
  • Advice to do yoga to treat muscle aches? if you don't think yoga is strenuous enough to bring on muscle aches, then you haven't done yoga. Try holding poses for a minute or more; eg, do a "chair" which is essentially a squat you hold in place vs going up and down. When you hold that pose, your muscles don't 'rest' like they do when you stand-and-squat, stand-and-squat. Yoga is not just stretching.
  • I wear orthotics and often get cramps in my calf muscles. Thanks for the helpful advice. I love learning something new every day on Sparkpeople.
    I have also use to some health issue that is Muscle pain. My friends suggest me Carisoprodol medicine. I have used it and me relief my body ache. Carisoprodol it’s healing various muscle pains. I advise go and buy online Carisoprodol 350mg it’s really help.
  • Great resource for understanding your body - I saved it for future reference. I have had muscle cramps since I was a young girl (I was very athleic), later from being physically active, later from different medicines and recently from trying to be healthy. I have never heard to not point my toes! Amazing that I have treated for this and no one shared this gem of information.
    Thanks! good information. I was going to stop my exercise program, because of the soreness every time. I got scared I shouldn't be working out so hard. I was thinking just go back to walking. Good motivation information. On to Curves now.
    I think that overcoming muscle pain just takes time. When I exercise heavily, I am sometimes sore for two days.

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  • Something that helps me feel amazing is to walk to and from the gym, instead of sitting down in the car post-workout. I only have 5-min drive but I noticed that even after cooling down and stretching, I felt tight getting out of the car back at home. I turned the 5-min drive into a 25-min walk and it really helps!

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