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Smart Ways to Soothe Sore Muscles

Decode, Treat and Prevent 5 Common Types of Post-Workout Pain


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Good info...Thanks! Report
Sore is not the same as very tired. Report
This is really helpful stuff. Thanks for posting it! Report
...liked this article...useful information... Report
Thanks Report
Keep moving forward Report
Thanks for the information about soreness vs. pain vs. aches. All good. Report
Thanks for the information. Report
Great prevention and what not to do suggestions. Report
Great information on an all too common ailment Report
Thanks, I need this info. Report
β€œAn early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” ― Henry David Thoreau ~ 1/23/18 Report
I have tried several of these options. Some are helpful, some aren't. Depending on your level of pain, or type of pain...there is a difference in pain. Not all pain is alike Report
Some good suggestions Report
Thanks Report

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