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''How I Became a Runner at Age 48''

A Half-Block Jog Gave KASHMIR the Confidence to Run


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  • Very inspirational!
  • Awesome. You are an inspiration.
  • i only started running at 39 - completed half marathon in august 2015 - 3 hrs 18mins
  • So true. I started doing the same when I was around 270 lbs. Eventually I was doing 4-5 miles before work each morning. Unless we have a physical impairment, it just goes to show our age or weight does not limit us. Thanks for sharing!
  • Inspring! Thanks for sharing.
  • For those that find some Couch to 5K programs too hard to keep up with, try the ZombiesRun 5K app. The story is entertaining, and it goes at an easier pace--lots of "free form" runs so you progress depending on how hard you push yourself. I made it through once post-40 (and could not believe that lazy me actually could run for 20 min straight!!), then stopped for some dumb reason or another, and looking forward to making it through again! Then onto 10k!
  • Way to go. Keep up the amazing work
  • I too am a late bloomer in running. I started trying to run only because my husband and son are both fantastic runners and I didn't want to be left behind. I started the same as you did and at age 50 finally started to enjoy running!!! Ran my first half marathon this past year and reduced my pace for this yrs Turkey Trot (8k) by 8 minutes. Thanks for your inspiring story. Glad to know I'm no alone.
  • Great inspirational - informational article!!!! Keep it up!!!
  • I see this is an old article, there are comments from 2011 and an update from the author in 2013. Now that it is being featured, there will be lots more comments. I hope the author will give another update.

    I also began running late, in my late 40s and am now 58 and love it, started very slow, one year of 30 minute interval runs three times a week before I started running more. I have run half marathons, now run mostly 5 and 10 k runs.
  • I became a runner at 16 63. I love it. I love the high get and am a half marathon runner. I had to stop running in October due to surgery and have been given the go ahead to return to it January 1st,. I will have to go back to the beginning but that only makes it more exciting when you are just starting out. As one gets stronger and has more endurance, the high you get is insurmountably.
    I am looking forward to my next half Marathon race in June.
  • I started the NHS Couch to 5k a couple of years ago, got to week 7 and then seemed to hit a wall and stopped. I started again this summer, doing each week twice. I get pain in my bum bones, but even lazy me is starting to look forward to it rather than dread it. Hopefully I can keep going this time. I'm 54

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