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VIDEO: Running Down 120 Pounds

How Running Can Change Your Life


    Really inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story. - 11/30/2010 7:08:13 PM
  • wow, that brought tears to my eyes! Very inspirational Ben! - 11/30/2010 6:18:23 PM
  • That was VERY inspirational and moving! What a wonderful story! - 11/30/2010 3:30:07 PM
  • Thanks for sharing your story, Ben. That was inspirational. Running helped me lose a little over 40 pounds, so it's great to hear a story like yours. Best of luck with what life has in store for you. - 11/30/2010 11:19:35 AM
  • um, Ben is gorgeous! even in the before pictures - so handsome! in the after pictures - Wow! - 11/23/2010 11:06:36 AM
    A great video that did get me up and going! - 11/21/2010 8:51:27 PM
  • that is great he did it and so can i just need to try thanks so much - 11/21/2010 2:48:06 PM
  • I have seen this video before.. and i every time i see it, it moves me....If Ben can say one thing about his life.. He is effecting changes with millions... I enjoy reading about your journey and your successes. Keep up the good work! - 11/21/2010 9:49:28 AM
  • Dear Ben,
    I am so inspired by this. I have been just wanting to run and really thinking my weight of 268 is holding me back, but now I know its just my own doubts. I will try harder and do more thanks to your video. This gives me hope. - 11/17/2010 5:27:42 PM
  • I've been following Ben's journey on his blog for awhile. It's an incredibly inspiring story that has encouraged me as I've been working on my own for the last 10 months or so! - 11/16/2010 5:19:38 PM
    Very inspiring! ben looks so much younger with the weight off too! - 11/16/2010 12:47:44 PM
  • What an inspirational video! I'm in tears after watching it. Thanks for sharing your story. - 11/16/2010 9:55:59 AM
  • A great video that makes you want to get up and get going. - 11/16/2010 8:09:59 AM
    Definitely moved me. With all the doubt I have been feeling about losing the weight, watching this video helped me believe again that I can do it. Congrats Ben, awesome job! - 11/16/2010 12:36:28 AM
  • Loved this video! I have not seen one done quite like this. Few words! Big Impact!
    CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done! - 11/11/2010 3:53:59 PM

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