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Walking and Running Tips for City Dwellers

Get a Great Workout in an Urban Landscape


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  • I am so glad I don't have to walk in the city!
  • 97MONTY
  • thank you for the interesting article
  • Know there will be delays and probably detours
  • Too many cars on the street to walk on the asphalt. Wish I could.
  • Good point whether you are in the city, suburbia or the country.
  • Air quality worries me.
  • There is a trail that runs throughout where I live. It is the largest park in town and you can start/ stop wherever you want and I live 1/2 mile from it. I get a great workout riding my bike along it besides there are free bikes along the trail for anyone to use!
  • I am lucky enough to live within a stone's throw of our high school football field and track. The track is rubberized and much easier on the joints.
  • I take my walking back into the subdivisions behind my complex (for exercise walking). I also walk to places a lot using the sidewalk. I hate rural areas and feel much less safe because of the lack of sidewalks and traffic signals (and more people who don't keep their dogs on leashes!!) For jogging I like the parks because the trails are generally asphalt or packed dirt and not as hard as the sidewalks. Living in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area I am thankfully SURROUNDED by parks that are generally full of kids and joggers.

    I do wear earbuds but the nice thing about those is that I can take one out and leave the other one on low. I can actually hear people talking to me that way. I also keep an ear out for cyclists, although even without earbuds I find you don't always hear them (when cycling I do the polite thing and make noise if I see a pedestrian in front of me, bicycles can be ultra quiet).
  • good suggestions. Thanks
  • I liked the idea of looking at the city as if you were a visitor. I'm going to try that once a week.
  • good suggestions. Thanks.
  • My city has a "mayor's mile" skywalk. So that helps with inclement weather, and it's above the street so there's no traffic to slow you down (besides the other walkers). It connects multiple downtown buildings: the convention center, the new arena, a few hotels, a few parking garages, a food court, and a few restaurants. Since there are so many large businesses involved with lots of people around, it seems like a safer option crime-wise as well, though I still keep my eyes peeled for anything suspicious. It isn't open 24-7, but the hours of operation are pretty convenient.

    There is also a greenway to connect the parks along the river, with a pedestrian bridge that is almost completed. It's great to live in a place that uses my tax money for something that benefits us all!

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