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13 Yoga Poses for Runners

A Runner's Guide to Yoga


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  • I love this article! So many poses for that feel good stretch!
  • Thank you for the idea on putting into my desktop favorites! I just got diagnosed with tendonitis in my left achilles and this routine is perfect and I can do some in my office.

  • Thank you for including the sanskrit names!
  • this article is PERFECT - im a runner just starting to get into yoga. i already do a few of these stretches, i look forward to incorporating the rest!
  • Go to the left and you should see the line on the side with a few things on thete that tell you how to save it. It has a save you button and you press the button and it saved. Good luck
    Skippercharlie, thanks for the tip. I was able to save this article in my IPAD . All I did was minimize the screen, and voila! I saw the Heart icon on the left side of the screen . It was easy. This article is now in my favorites and I can go back to it anytime.
  • Thanks for the help finding the save icon. It was not apparent to me at all. From a content point of view, this article is perfect for most yogis. Runners might need a little more instruction.
  • hi i do not see a save feature on a lot of the different exercise articles like this one and really would like to save it...

  • SHADE338
    I just saved it to my desktop, I cant see the heart either but I do see the stuff (pin it, etc.) on the left side tool bar. My desktop is the perfect place all I do is click on it . I love these yoga instructions BUT it would flow so much nicer if there was audio so I dont have to get up each time I want to do another pose. PLEASE can we have the audio too ;-) thanks SP Love your site ;-)
  • THanks, found the save feature - but never would have gotten it without the help! thanks all.
  • hi... if you still can't see the tool bar on the left, size your screen down. you can do this by going under the VIEW menu in your internet explorer, go to zoom and 75% will get you what you need!!!

    it was incredibly frustrating!!!
  • n my screen, all I have on the left is for Facebook and newsletters. No save, print, etc. and no heart to save. I would love to save since there are so many yoga poses.
  • Took a few minutes but I did find the save button on the far left. There is a small strip with choices (facebook, twitter, pin.....) Click the heart to save to favorites.
  • C'mon Chris...
    What'd you guys do to the "save to favorites" button?

    Ya killin' us here.
  • I'm having the same problem. I want to save it but I don't see anywhere to do that.

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