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Diabetes Weight-Loss Workout Plan

An 8-Week, Easy-to-Follow Plan for Beginners


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  • I wanted to comment to those who say I can't do this or how do I do this. I have very weak knees and can't do lots of exercises but I've found by walking around walmart leaning on the buggy that we can do a lot of things we think we can't if we do it with support. so if you can't do a lunge maybe use two straight backed chairs one on each side to support part of your weight to do a lunge, or lean on the wall for wall squats, or march in place supported by a chair back or two, or lay in the bed and do leg lifts. I find these things do help even though you can't imagine that they would.
  • I need less videos and more printable workouts.
  • I will start strength exercises with bands today.
  • My favorite exercise is riding the bike and then the rowing machine. I hate the tredmill, makes my hip hurt, so I will just use my fit bit and make more steps.
  • Exedrcise makes all the difference w/controlling blood sugar
  • I love this workout plan. Thank You.
  • No time for the workout today - but our Church had a 5 mile prayer walk this morning so I'll settle for that!
  • RIVKAH12
    I was using a treadmill for exercise. It is broken now. So I started doing a cardio workout with spark video.
  • This felt good. I have a frozen shoulder, so I did the arm exercises one-handed;
  • I am not ready to try this exercise program yet. I did not say no. I want to lose a few moe pounds & then I will give it a try.
  • Thanks to those of you in your 70s that have commented here about trying to keep exercising. You are an inspiration to me. I'm in my 50s and disabled and it's so easy to just want to give up. Your positivity will keep me going another day.
  • I will be 70 in August. Like you, the most popular exercise workouts are difficult for me as well, especially things like lunges and squats. I would appreciate any tips on good cardio exercises for aging bones.
  • I will do what I can, like some of the others I have some health issues. At the age of 72 I believe most of us would have issues. Is there anyone that would be willing or able to help the older ones do some exercises?
    With my physical issues there is no way I can get through these! I thought they were geared towards people like me but they are not. I'll have to look elsewhere.

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