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Eating with Diabetes: Smart Snacking

20 Diabetes-Friendly Snack Ideas


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not useful. sugar is sugar, no matter what form. Report
Several years ago the ADA did a study and it found that there is no difference in how the body uses sugar from refined sugars,( aka table sugar) and sugar from Carbs. To the body sugar is sugar. The best bet is to go by how you feel and what your meter says.

Do your own mini study, for two weeks take your sugars randomly, (you should anyway) But take it premeal, 2 hours post meal, in between, before bed, and even if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night. ( I know that is weird but you'll see what your sugars are up to.)

The best snacks are things like nuts,( maybe granola bars or Fiber bars, yes the fiber bars have a few more carbs than you might want in a snack, but it's offset by the fiber content.) For instance if a Fiber bar has 24 carbs, and 9 grams of fiber, take at least half of that 9 off of the 24,( fiber does not remain in the body, it passes through) That will take the 24 grams of carbs down to 19 or 20, which IS a bit better, some even have protein, which is always a good thing. Maybe a small apple, and if you are at home, add a small smear of peanut butter.

So the best thing is to read the labels, maybe instead of a whole portion, a half portion will do. Watch the fat intake as well as the carbs. And if you fall, don't beat yourself up over it, just pick up and go from there. Report
what a mess Report
Understand that Amy's advice is deadly to diabetics. If you want to die of kidney failure, lose your toes to amputation, and experience all of the other ugly complications of diabetes the absolute best way is to use this nonsense advice. If you would like to cure your diabetes, yes I said CURE your diabetes then you will want to educate yourself.

Your choice, listen to a dietitian spreading death to diabetics or learn from a kidney doctor who is dedicated to CURING diabetes in order to save your life. Report
... interesting...that snack chart would only be useful in the event my sugar dropped to a very low level... Report
Snacking on fruit and crackers....might as well eat a candy bar. Sugar is sugar. Report
Thanks! Report
The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning. – Pele Report
Good info for everyone Report
Wow. The snack chart idea is a good one, but.......I've been working really hard to eliminate just about everything on that chart. Why is the health community STILL advocating grains and high sugar foods??? I typically reach for a protein/good fat/veggie combo that is full of nutrition not an empty processed carb. Things I make it a point to have on hand are: nuts, minimally processed chicken or turkey lunchmeat, radishes, olives, grape tomatoes, artichokes, cheese, tuna, pickles, cucumbers, and also a small portion of leftovers works too. Report
Great info, thanks. Report
IA snack chart is a great idea, but that particular snack chart? Juice & Juice bars = sugar spikes followed by sugar crashes!
What I do is make my own snack chart, and list those items that are healthy, tasty, easy to grab, and easy on the spikes and drops. Report
Thanks for sharing Report

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