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Eating with Diabetes: Smart Snacking

20 Diabetes-Friendly Snack Ideas


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  • Knowledge is power...This gives me a lot to think about along with the other comments made.
  • There are TERRIBLE snack recommendations for diabetics. I don't eat a single food on that list, and that's precisely why I lowered my A1C down from a 10.7 to 5.9 in only 4 months without any meds. Great diabetic friendly snacks include nuts, seeds, full fat cheese, veggies with full fat sour cream dip. Keep the fats, scrap the carbs.
    This is horrible information. People with diabetes don't need to be eating carbs more than a minimal amount from high-fiber, high-water-content vegetables like broccoli, etc. Look up Dr. Sarah Hallberg's work. She's the chief of the University of Indiana's weight-loss clinic, which should more accurately be called a diabetes clinic.
  • The old diabetic teaching of 45 or 60 carbs etc for each meal and so much for a snack is old info. Of course the amount of carbs you need is based on your size, but low carb works. First of all monitoring your blood sugars 2 hours post eating to see what your meals do to your blood sugar. Eat real food, read labels. the exercising and using weights also makes your body utilize glucose much more efficiently.
  • AHIMSA417
    When I saw 'frozen fruit juice bar', all I could think about were those triangular pouches they used to serve at school. I think they may have been welches. Now those sound so freaking good!
  • For me, I need protein with the carb, or my sugar is higher after a snack or meal. I have journals that speak volumes that it does help. Protein means less insulin, and that is worth it to me.
  • I took the classes by a certified Nutritionist and they say for a woman they should consume up to 43 grams of carbs per meal and then should have 3 snacks a day with 0-30 grams of carbs. She also said you can eat anything you want but you need to make sure it is in the carb range. Your supposed to eat a lot it's what keeps everything under control. Exercise and drinking water is a big key as well. It has been awhile since I have taken the classes but have had major weight loss success following the diabetic diet. For a man they are supposed to have 60 grams of carbs per meal and 0-30 for a snack. I am retaking the classes next year as well. It is recommended that a person with diabetes takes a set of classes once per year usually there are 4 classes in a set.
  • 20- 30 is what a diabetic should have in a day. And sugar kills. Fruit should be low carb and limited. Cheese, boiled eggs, dill pickle slice are better choices.
  • My husband I are both diabetic. He eats whatever he wants and seems to do fine, with the exception of occasional high levels. I, on the other hand, try to eat correctly, haven't quite figured it out yet. I'm here on SP hoping to figure it out. I eat breakfast usually around 5:45, have to be at work at 7, get a 15 minute break around 10,(depending on my workload), and I'm off at 12, and we eat dinner around 5:15. I try to eat something healthy for snack but having trouble with portion control. I usually eat a snack before bedtime cause I go to bed around 11. When I check my levels in the morning they are 140-150, which is not bad but most of the time its 100-115. It's just so frustrating trying to figure this out.
  • Working on breaking the ingrained belief that snacking is "bad."
  • 1BOBBBI_60
    I eat my meals @....6:30am....10am....12pm....2pm....5pm.
  • I'm a 3pm snacker - i get bone tired at that time, but a snack doesn't really do the trick, because then I get bored. Working on it. 8-)
  • always looking for good snack ideas
  • 15 grams of carbs for a snack without any added protein? THat would have me needing insulin in a hurry instead of being able to keep myself controlled with oral medication and diet. This advise is definitely not a 'one size fits all' option, and I wish diabetes educators would realize that some people really are able to do well with a food plan with less carbs so insulin is not needed instead of acting like the only healthy food plan includes at least 30 grams per meal and 15 grams per snack and pushing everyone on insulin. No thanks.
  • This was a great article, especially since it urges us to learn and know about how our own bodies react. I restart SparkPeople to prepare for a doctor's appointment - so I could show what I have been doing and that we could figure out together what's going wrong. I have always know that I couldn't have 3 fruits in a day or that bananas makes my sugar go banana (excuse the pun). Today I will not follow the food plan exactly but eat and monitor blood sugar levels. It will be a test day.

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