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How to Maintain Your Workout Motivation All Year Long

12 Tips to Keep Moving Today, Tomorrow--and Beyond!


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  • Never bend your head. Always hold it high.
    Look the world straight in the eye.
    - Helen Keller
  • These are solid suggestions, knowing your body plays into what you can realistically! Funny how this constantly changes as we become faster, leaner, stronger. My bit to add would be to mix things up, boredom kills motivation faster than anything for me. Change your route, your workout, your equipment, whatever. The willingness to try something new and mix things up...a game changer for me.
  • I do my strength training while watching TV. In fact, I keep my set of dumbbells in plain sight, right in front of the TV.
    I agree with all the tips in this article EXCEPT the jumping jacks. That motion puts weird pressure on my knees. Know your body. There are always alternatives.
    Reading about motivation is fun, but it is still not easy to actually DO. Can't buy it in a bottle, and nagging about it might work now and then.
  • This is a great article with lots of tips. Thanks I needed that!
  • Lots of good ideas here. I am just getting back to regular workouts on our much-underutilized (until now) treadmill. Although I am NOT a morning person, I have committed getting in the workout before breakfast but after having a BIG glass of warm lemon water. Only four days in but so far so good (3 days of treadmill and one day of walking to an activity - and back). I can find sample upbeat music on my phone and have used a different track each day. I love music and find that if there is a song with a good beat, I will definitely be moving to it - workout or not! I will try to start listening before actually getting into the "real" workout.
    When i worked out at the school gym i used to take my Ipad and watch supernatural. Because lets be honest thats what I would have been laying in bed in my dorm doing anyway so id just take Netflix with me and binge watch shows while working out for 2 hours or so. i made that the only time i could watch the show so i would be jazzed about the gym.
  • Good article! I do all of the points here except the tv watching one. I usually watch after a brutal gym workout and the tv viewing is like a rest for me. But a great idea to try when I watch shows on a non-big workout day or night.
  • Jumping Jacks are not good for anyone with back or knee problems. How about marching in place while watching the morning news.
    I do not believe in rewarding myself for something I should be doing. That's like rewarding myself for doing the laundry or cleaning the house.
    Working out in the morning (before I go to work) is best for me. But, going to bed after 11:00 pm and having the alarm go off at 5:15, does not inspire jumping out of bed and running to the gym.
    I sympathize with the people who work and have children and are trying to fit in exercise. It's easier for me because I am retired and older. And yet I still have trouble forcing myself to do my exercises. This article gave me some inspiration. I like the reward idea and I will try that technique.
  • KEEPFIT2013
    Thanks for all the great tips. I found that buying a longer gym membership has really helped me. Not only is it cheaper to commit to a 6 month membership by about $25/month, it also allows me unlimited access to any of the classes. But they are popular and you have to sign up early which forces me to commit. Then,the best part is their policy around cancellations...if you cancel any less than 2 hours before the class or are a 'no show', they take a day off your membership. That's incentive enough for me! I am usually game all day for a class but start losing my motivation closer to the start time....but not anymore. Can't stand the thought of losing a day off my membership so I always show!!
  • I think it'd be easier if my problem was "I'm sitting on the couch watching reality tv rather than working out." But the problem is much more often "I'm helping the kids with homework, buying groceries, cleaning the bathrooms, getting work done for a client, going to rehearsals for a play I'm directing, or falling over from having had only 5 hours of sleep for the last three nights in a row!"

    I keep wondering whether I should reprioritize my life, and then decide "no, my kids, clients, and personal avocations really SHOULD come before a scheduled kickboxing class..." Makes it tricky! The best solution I've seen is a person I know who decided to make Zumba her second job!
    Reading these tips is a great way to start the day.
    I feel positive and up for the challenge

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