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Eating with Diabetes: Party Food

Celebration Tips for People with Diabetes


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great article Report I could help my dad better... Report
Thank you for posting! Report
Compounding the challenge of diabetes at a party is the issue of keeping kosher, thus limiting even further what you can eat. Report
Great suggestions Report
Great info! Report
Great ideas and lots of common sense. Report
Very good and insightful article Report
Eating light healthy snack before going out does help keep you not only check diabetes but for you're overall health. Thinking, living and being healthier has many benefits. YAY! Report
Once I began tracking nutrients and not just calories, I was surprised at the amount of carbs I was consuming. Report
I meant to say: be very afraid of the Charlie Mansons of this world! Report
I believe the reason most of us are here is because we are overweight. Some of us are overweight and are diabetic. I fit in the later category. Not eating carbs is NOT the answer for me. Being aware of how my own body reacts to carbs IS the answer. It took time, but I learned which carbs raise my blood sugars, and which do not; and I know that quantity also matters. Keep it Simple, and Keep it Balanced and we could all be perfect beings -- not being perfect is what has brought us to this SP article. My recommendation is to pay no attention to the Charlie Mansons of the world. Report
GREAT! Report
I really wish someone at SP would become educated about the whys and hows of the #lchf #keto way of eating for diabetics, because people with diabetes could COMPLETELY RESOLVE (not cure, but be able to discontinue ALL MEDS) their diabetes in many cases if they learn NOT TO EAT CARBS. People with insulin resistance and carb addiction can overcome their cravings and addictions and learn how to eat NORMALLY - as in, eat when you're hungry, don't eat when you're not. Like The Maker intended.

Do some research, folks. The standard "American Diet" is the root of your problem. Start at (I am in no way affiliated with them, BTW, just relearning how to eat.) Report
I am not diabetic and like this need-to-know article. Great for party planning! Report

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