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How to Eat 5 Fruits & Veggies Each Day

Tricks for Healthy Treats


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  • Old info, as is all too common on this site. Veggies taste great on their own, they do not require disguising. I eat lots of veggies but limit my fruit to a bit of green apple or summer fruit in season.
  • LOVE Fruits and veggies - plain. This is one "diet" area where I excel. Alas you can overeat on fruit(especially) very easily and still be hungry. A real vegetarian diet takes a lot of work it's not just losing the meat it's making sure you have protein substitutes and those require skill.
  • My calories and macros are ok but I never bothered to count my fruit & veggie servings. Turns out my 2 servings of fruit and 4 servings of veggies a day are ok. For veggies I make it simple for my wife (or me, whoever cooks that night ha ha). Good mixed veggies are hard to find in our city... so I make my own. Once a week I cook up a batch of mixed veggies: equal portions of peas, corn, chopped green beans, and diced carrots, with half a portion of canned mushrooms. Bag it and freeze it. Then we reheat 1 cup for my lunch and 1 cup for dinner (1 cup cooked veggies=2servings).
  • THIS IS WAY too much for me, i can't do this as i am not a planner, i am not disciplined in the least bit. I have my coffee in the morning with milk whole, and sugar 2 teaspoons and don't have any other coffee. I eat sporadically and my body shows up with lots of stress and inflammation. But it seems I cannot do this discipline of multi veges and fruits continually as the above examples and below examples. But I am aiming to use my juicer. Hey that's something. Val
  • I eat five servings of produce before noon, never a problem for me, I love it!
  • I am diabetic, so I count carbs to keep my blood sugar down, keeping my A1C down too. I never touch caffeine, except tea, decaf.
    Almonds are the best source of low salt protein I can find.
  • Fruit juice instead of coffee? I think not. Fruit juice is a concentrated source of sugar and lacks fiber. Eat fruit instead. Also, coffee is not bad for you.

    Frozen vegs are *almost* as healthy as fresh?? Nope, they are often more so.

    One of the best ways to get more veggies is to add them to smoothies ... Kale, spinach, even beans and beets, can be added to a good protein powder mix and nut milk for a fantastic punch of antioxidents and vitamins.

    This article appears to be about 3 years old. Time to update this info.
  • I guess juice is a good choice compared to nothing - but too much concentrated sugars and calories - tea is a better pick ,, and frozen veggies and fruit can be more nutritious than out of season ones - and cheaper and won't go soft and overripe.
  • Most of what is in this article is great information but...we should never consider fruit juice of any kind a proper substitute for fruit. There is no fiber in juice and it is just liquid sugar, high calorie and can cause spikes in blood sugar.
  • Glad I love my freggies!
  • Since I have truly committed to eating five fruits and veggies a day, I can honestly say that I feel better because of it. This alone has reinforced the idea that we are what we eat, annnnnnnd a food's caloric value is only a little piece in the healthy living puzzle. It has also helped learning what a true fruit/veggie portion size is...thanks to another Spark article. Yes, I have now become that girl who eats the lettuce, tomato, and onion on my sandwiches as every little bit helps!
  • I doubt the comments are read on articles, but I will leave this anyway. The author needs to research frozen veggies again. Frozen veggies are flash frozen at their peak ripeness and nutrition which can make them healthier than fresh since you can't always buy fresh at that absolute peak ripe stage. I think there is even a sparkpeople article on this very topic.
  • I plan ahead for my week at work: bring 5 pieces of 5 or 6 different fruits with me on Monday, and eat one of each every day throughout the week.

    This week, I packed 5 each of:
    Lemons (I slice one in the morning and put it in my water glass for the day)

    I also have a bag of baby carrots to dole out a serving or two of veggies. I usually eat another serving or two of veggies with dinner when I get home. I find it's easier to eat 1 piece of fruit every hour or so than it is to cram in 5 at a time. You can change up what you bring, so if you need more veggies, swap out (or add in) a couple of veggies. I usually try to bring veggies for lunch. If I cook veggies, I do a big batch on the weekend and pack them out in individual servings.

    Disclaimer: I am not a vegetarian. I usually stack up proteins with lunch and supper.
    Can't say that my body "craves fruits and vegetables", really. Sometimes I crave strawberries, but the vegetables, I have to force myself to eat them, and I detest Kale and celery and cucumbers most of all, photos of them make me sick to my stomach.
    No! Fruit juices and dried fruits are very high in calories.

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