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Sleeping Better for a Healthier Heart

A Good Night's Rest Can Boost Heart Health


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  • According to the Mayo Clinic, this advice is wrong "Get out of bed if you can't sleep. You should use your bed for two things: sleeping and sex. Anything else—including lying awake unable to sleep—should be done somewhere else in your home."
    They say just the opposite. If you have sleep problems, never sleep during the day, but go to bed at the same time each night. If you can't sleep, stay in bed because if you do fall asleep you will be in the bed. They say not to get up and do anything else, don't play music or turn on the TV. Try to relax and calm your mind.
  • As this article states, the effects of poor sleep on our heart is daunting. Sadly, many of us struggle to sleep more and achieve a better quality of sleep. While it is important to be informed about health related issues associated with poor sleep, I believe that current research and studies might be available to reference in this article. Bringing back older articles is good, many of us have not read them before, or we simply appreciate an opportunity to reread. Maybe it is time for a little refresh...instead of automatically assuming all is well...articles get another shot at editing to gleen new info?! Just a thought...
  • I know i do better when I have a consistent bedtime. I still find that I get up each night at least once to use the restroom, but I am not sure how to solve that.
    I haven't slept through the night in 25 years, I doubt anything is going to change that now. I've tried all the sleep hygiene tricks and yet my sleep patterns are all over the place. Proper sleep is a complicated issue.
  • It would be nice if we all had jobs that allowed us to get enough sleep. Too bad we don't.
  • I don't get enough rest from a night's sleep. I awaken about every hour, perhaps 1/2 hour. I do better if I take an arthritis Tylenol at bedtime.
  • I sleep pretty good until my hip started to hurt me. I have alot of sleepless nights.
  • My sleep has never been great. I went to my doctor and she sent me to a sleep specialist. After the sleep study they said I would benefit from a mouth guard, my dentist refers to it as a splint. I was leery about wearing a two piece hard plastic device in my mouth. After it was properly fitted, I adapted in about a week to having it in my mouth. My partner says I no longer snore. He was surprised how quiet I am at night. I sleep more deeply. My dreams are more vivid too. I 'm more rested in the morning.
  • I joined the Spark Sleep Challenge to help me overcome insomnia. I deal with heart issues (palpitations often brought on in middle of night) and I'm considered pre-diabetes. i had no ideas that lack of sleep can elevate blood sugar levels. Going to redouble my efforts in week 2 to sleep for better health!
    For some strange reason I do need to watch TV before I go to sleep; I have tried not watching TV, but I find that I can't sleep unless I am dead tired and usually that means watching TV until I really can't stay awake.
  • I've slept poorly all my life -- and have all the health issues mentioned above to prove it! Now I am paying attention to getting more sleep and I already feel better -- amazingly.
    One issue not mentioned in this article -- and a major culprit for me-- is LATE NIGHT EATING! It disrupts sleep! Eating lightly and earlier in the evening really helps me both get to sleep and stay asleep.
    I ate at night to stay awake. Therapy has helped me learn to relax, as well.
  • Most people spend more money for the bedroom furniture than they do for the mattress they sleep on. I always think it is so important to have the best one, since you spend 1/3 of the time there. Also, buy a good pillow.

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