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8 Sneaky Habits That Sabotage Your Heart

Everyday Factors That Can Harm Your Heart


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Great tips! Thank you! Report
My heart is in trouble.. better change a few things Report
a few were surprising Report
Thanks Jenn. I'll make sure and floss every day! Report
Thanks for the tips! Report
Just finished putting dr. appt. reminders on my calendar for the new year. Report
Thanks for posting this article. Report
Excellent food for thought...Thanx! Report
Interested blog. Report
When I was younger, I held a lot of emotions inside because taught not to shown negative ones. Due to this, my anger put me into black outs. I actually would "open my eyes" to having my hands on someone to hurt them. Taught to go ahead and voice my upsets , to let angry out, then work thru it, and to approach calmly. Now, I read that sudden let it out bursts are bad for my heart! Well, am not going back to holding things in. I have no problem in letting people know what I feel. Keeping it that way. Report
Interesting Report
One good Husband is worth two good Wives;
for the scarcer things are, the more they're valued.
- Benjamin Franklin Report
Great article! Report
Good news, I'll live until 15 years ago. Report
The flossing link has been TOTALLY debunked- not to mention a sulcabrush offers a lot of the same benefits and is quicker. I know this off topic but your genetics play a big role and one you can't really do a lot about. Report

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