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Break Free from the Scale!

How to Stop the Scale from Determining Your Self-Worth


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  • This doesn't work for me. If I don't weigh myself regularly (at least once every 2 weeks), I can easily kid myself that I'm losing when I'm actually gaining. I'm not a slave to the scale, it's simply one more tool which I use to help me on my weight-loss journey.
  • its funny, I just posted on my blog about the stupid scale - and how discouraged I was after a bad weekly weigh in --- but if I look at it monthly -- Im doing great --- Maybe its time to rethink this weekly weigh in thing?
    I've been doing the healthy lifestyle thing for so many years now that I've learned that the body tends to fluctuate so getting on the scale every single day for me would be an exercise in futility.

    At my lowest weight, I rarely ever got on the scale. How my clothing fit was the ultimate indication of how I was doing physically. I'd maybe weigh myself once a month or every other month.

    For me, if I start getting on the scale daily it would lead to other problems because it's a control thing. And I have a tendency to be very hard on myself when I'm not performing the very best (whatever that means - every day my head can change what it thinks is the "very best")

    Respecting myself and telling myself "I love you" every day is far more important an exercise for me to do than to see how many pounds I'm toting around for the day.
  • I'm a weigh-everyday person (for the past year) with good results. Just recently weight was creeping up a few pounds, took a few days break away from the scale, totally concentrated on nutrition, and I'm back on track. The lesson for me was that I was getting a little lax on the nutrition side. Now back to weighing every day.
  • I weight myself everyday. It helps keep me on track. We have to do what works for us. If I were to not weigh for a month and then found myself up in weight, I would be devastated and would probably just give up. Tracking is what I do. It's what works for me and I will continue to do so. ;)
  • I like the idea of putting the scale out of sight and weighing only once or twice a month. If I am honest with myself, I can only do the best I can do. If I track what I am doing honestly and challenge myself daily, I have to give myself a break and let my best be good enough.
  • Think it might be a good idea for me to stop reading articles that keep disagreeing with everything I do
  • I am not dependent on the scale but I enjoy weighing myself daily. Actually I weigh throughout the day just for fun (it is amazing how much your weight fluctuates during the day). I don't stress over the scale though. Last month the scale barely moved - but I lost 1.5 inches on my stomach. ...but I still weigh myself every morning. It is just one of the tools I use, but a useful tool. The MonitorYourWeight app is a great tracking tool, too!
  • I only weigh myself once a week, then forget about it until the next week. I concentrate on my daily exercise and nutrition trackers.
  • WENDYM77
    I disagree with this article as well. I've had my single most weight gain period since I stopped weighing myself regularly. Just as exercising in the morning can set the tone for a successful day so can the daily weigh in set the tone for the day. Yes sometimes it's frustrating after working so hard to see a lack of acceptable progress on the scale and this is where other measurables have to come in - body measurements - allowing you to see the progress made.

    The daily or semi-weekly weigh in helps keep things on track. I tried it the other way, it didn't work for me so I'm going back to regular weigh-ins.
  • Everybody is different. I got rid of my scale because I could not handle it. The number greatly affected my mood, from soaring highs to deep lows.

    Now I focus on food choices, strength/movement, and how my clothes fit. No more reactive highs and lows. No more feelings of giving up. I'm happy that I've dropped a pants size.
  • I could never have an official weigh-in day, weekly or monthly. How would I ever know if the weight was real or if it was one of those freaky, inexplicable fluctuations up or down?
    I know that ignoring the scale is how I gained the weight in the first place. When I read the many stories of regain of 20, 50 pounds or more, it makes me wonder. How much of the gain happened before they saw the number on the scale?
    After 6 years of maintenance, I will continue to weigh every morning. It's a lot easier to turn around an upward trend before it gets to double digits.
    My current weight? The lowest number I've seen all week. Really!
  • I am a convert from daily and multiple times daily weigh-ins. I weigh once a week in the morning on the same day, if possible. Weighing more frequently sends me off on a roller coaster of emotion - extreme highs when the scale is down and extreme lows when it's up. My weight fluctuates quite a bit during the day and from day to day. I could never see any direct cause and I spent too much energy worrying about whether it was my eating plan, too much salt the day before, building muscle, etc. It was exhausting and depressing and damaging to my self esteem. For me, weighing once a week is a good reality check. If the scale doesn't move over the course of several weeks, then I'm open to changing my behaviors to get it moving again. But my measures of success are in how many days I follow my food plan, get my steps in and other actions that are fully within my control. I love the idea of ending the day recognizing all we have to be grateful for too. Thanks for a great article!
  • I couldn't disagree with this article more. I used to believe this because I have been told it so often. I have had to start weighing myself daily because of something my doctor wants to measure. It has been the single biggest positive improvement in maintain weight loss since I started. The cycle of nerves,stress and worry before getting on the scales, then bitter disappointment and comfort eating has completely gone. I weigh myself every morning, first thing in the morning before I have eaten or drunk anything, in the 3 weeks I have been doing this I have never gained weight 2 days in a row. All fear of the scales has gone. There is no obsession.
  • I am too dependent on the scale. And here's the thing. I know better. I am aware that muscle weighs more than fat. I am aware my weight will fluctuate through the week (especially during my monthly cycle). I am determined to become less scale obsessed. Three weeks ago I took full body measurements and I am going to start using those as my guide and put the scale away for a month. I can do this!

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