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Declare Your Independence from the Gym

10 Ways to Get Fit without Fancy Equipment


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  • Small changes lead to big changes and big changes lead to results.
  • Fit mind. Fit body. Fit soul.
  • tried this out and i loved it!
  • The gym, not my thing. I respect that it is for others. What we do share is a commitment to working out and becoming fit and strong. The suggestions given were great, yet since I am not a trainer and have no expertise...I don't always know what I can/could/should be doing. Also, I become bored easily and I appreciate mixing things up and trying new workouts. SparkTV and YouTube are great sources for those of us sweating at home. There are honestly more options than one could ever possibly do, and you can search for ones that meet your needs and work within any limitations you might have. Many also show modifications, and are free! After purchasing minimal equipment, I workout at home...five days a week. I have tried things I never would in a gym: tabata, cardio kickboxing, cardio sculpt, and Pilates. Just choose your trainers carefully...making sure they give form cues so you know you are moving correctly. My two personal favorites are Jessica Smith and Shelly Dose...find yours and exercise your strong, at home!
    If you're looking for a great way to lose weight that works take a look at my video where I explain how I lost 20pounds in 3 weeks! :)
  • Love the idea of the note cards! I can make up the exercises I can do as I have limitations. Thank you!
    These are excellent tips. Though I do like doing aerobic exercises with others at the gym, I do prefer working out in the privacy and convenience of my home.
  • I lost 50 pounds without a gym membership. The first 25 with body weight, no exercise equipment. Then people realized I was serious and started giving me dumb bells, DVD's and other small stuff for birthdays and Christmas. I got an exercise bike and a rowing machine that someone bought with the intention of using had was collecting dust in their garage. They were mine for hauling them away.
  • These are great ideas. Sometimes I just plan do have time to workout, because I have young children in the house, so we go outside and play tag, hide and seek, or niece drop toy and auntie pick it up until she tired of it. Sometimes I have to walk around the house with her until she finally falls asleep.
  • I agree!
    I don't like gyms, and I always quit after 2-3 weeks.
    Why? I prefer to work out alone, I don't have time to travel, change clothes and the extra shower.
    At home, I stationary biked and did easy ST with dumbbelles and stability ball for a year, lifted weights for 6 months, have been doing yoga for 2 years and I run/ walk outside for more than 5 years, and I still love every minute.
    What a difference!
  • AIME_M
    There's certainly no need to head to the gym every time you want to exercise - if you're not confident about working out, it can be the most scary thing to go try out equipment when you have to mix with folks that all look like they know what they're doing!

    The main thing when you workout on your own is to remember to nudge yourself to do a little more than your body feels comfortable with. The body only changes and adapts when it's forced to. Once it can handle the demands you have made on it, it will coast along at that level of fitness until you nudge it forward some more or you slack off / quit and it decreases it's fitness level.

    Providing your body with the STIMULUS to change should be short and efficient. Selecting exercises that provide true all around fitness benefits would involve an exercise for increasing Power (eg. 2 sets of 5 reps for dumbell deadlifts), then moving into several exercises for building muscle (eg. 2 exercises for chest, delts and triceps, all PUSHING muscles for 1 set each of 8-10 reps), followed by several exercises that stimulate the metabolism via lactate threshold and endurance training by keeping your heart rate high (80 - 95% max HR, which we call META-STIM Training) (eg. 15 bench step-ups or bench jumps with pushups, jumping rope for 30 seconds and then dumbell clean and press, rest 1 minute repeat for 3 cycles) and finally some aerobic intervals on a treadmill, bike or eliptical runner or sprinting outside, running 50 meters followed by 100 meters of walking, etc. for 4 minutes).

    You can train half your body one day and the other half two days later, get your metabolism stoked with Meta-Stim training and finish with Aerobic Intervals that will set up your body to build lean muscle, burn fat, increase glucose metabolism, reverse metabolic damage and strengthen your heart and lungs - all in 16 - 30 minutes!!

    You're busy - so make the time you do exercise be the most effective it can be.

    Don't forget though, that training is only 20% of the health and fitness equation. What you put in your mouth will determine if the stimulus you just created from your great workout will be taken advantage of or wasted....
    I have never liked gyms. I joined Curves one year and I think I went once or twice. Then I decided that I would check out the selection of workout DVDs that my library has. I became hooked!! I have quite a selection that I have purchased either on Ebay or in garage sales. If I see a DVD that looks interesting, I'll get it from my library first and then if I like it, I will find out where I can buy it for cheap. I also go walking several times a week with a friend. I live in an area with a lot of hills, so it's challenging. I like the idea of the cards with the exercises. I will try that because I do like to add variety to my workouts.
    I dont have enough time, I just go with dumbells. but good
  • I've tried the use of cards, it worked really well for me!
  • I did a version of the first one today, using an online timer and writing everything down in between. I'm way sweatier than I would have expected from 10 minutes of work (plus warm up/cool down)!

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