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8 Ways to Put Yourself on Your Priority List

Finding Time for ''Me'' Time


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  • Just had this conversation with PT this morning... - 10/5/2016 3:57:18 PM
  • I "plan to plan" all the evening meals for next week over the weekend! - 3/30/2016 3:48:46 PM
  • I probably do need to find more "me" time but when it takes away from those in my life who need care, it is really difficult for me. I am a caregiver in my home (by choice) because I don't want to put family members in an institution until I have to! I grab a few minutes whenever I can but still have to prioritize the needs of other people! - 3/27/2016 9:42:45 AM
  • MAKPAD2002
    A great read. Just what i needed as a wakeup call. I tend get lost in chores as a mother and a busy doctor that i forget i too am an important person in my life. Thanks. - 2/13/2016 2:21:58 AM
  • I try to wake a full hour before the rest of the house, defiantly a good way to get some alone time in. - 12/27/2015 9:41:15 PM
  • I am SO absolutely worth it! - 12/3/2015 1:52:49 PM
  • Great read - 11/6/2015 1:16:05 AM
  • I used to be a night owl, until I had kids (I have 4 of them, they are 8, 5, 4, and 2). Now, I totally agree with you, I get up about an hour before the kids to have my coffee and just BE before the chaos begins. It makes a world of difference in my mood and the overall feel of the day. - 10/7/2015 10:54:32 PM
  • Great article! There are periods in our lives when me time is definitely a commodity that is hard to come by. Young mothers with jobs outside the home...that is a real challenge, and I remember how hard it was. Just know that there will be times ahead when you *do* have more time, and grab what you can when you can for the time being. The one thing I would caution people about is this idea of creating more time by depriving ourselves of sleep. Whether it's for exercise or just being alone for me time, I'm not sure earning time in that way is the best solution. Getting enough sleep is critical for people with already hectic lives! - 9/16/2015 12:07:59 PM
  • My "me time" is to relax with a good book. I tend to lose myself in the pages, so working out while reading is not a good idea. - 9/15/2015 10:55:40 AM
    Whenever someone says " I don't have enough time," she is really saying "I'm choosing to spend my time on other things." If we have any zest for life at all, there really is not enough time in a day to do all the things we want to do, so it's a continual prioritization between responsibilities and other things. - 4/17/2015 7:14:38 AM
    I try to get up earlier than everyone to do my workout and have five minutes to relax afterwards, before getting ready for work/daycare, but usually then the baby wakes up and wants to be fed and held... Starting to think that instead of getting up an hour earlier at five, I'll have to start getting up at four instead, but that means five hours of sleep a night! - 4/17/2015 6:27:18 AM
  • My Spark time on the computer is my "Me time". - 1/7/2015 6:16:47 PM
  • My exercise time is definitely my "me time". - 11/2/2014 7:48:34 PM

  • Good examples, point taken. There are some limits I clearly need to define and somehow accept that yes sometimes it is OK to say NO. I struggle with that at work and at home. Hmmm what can I do to put things in to more balance:

    Run to the supermarket too many times per week for items we ran out of or fixin's for evening meal. I have to do the big grocery trip on the weekend, I'm definitly running to the store way to much during the week for things we run out of or fixin's for the evening meal. I hate wasting gas and having my old car do an extra 50+ mile loop back to the city but maybe it really is worth it...maybe 2x per month.

    Personal calls and text in the middle of your workday are stressing me out and taking my focus away. This needs to trim down - wish the article suggested tactful ways to suggest this to what always seems to be an emergency or reaching out for lonliness. Hmmm.

    Asking for more help with chores...maybe there is something here but partner being disabled not only do I work, cook, care for cats, laundry, take trash down, etc..there has to be something that I can think of to take off my plate here. - 10/18/2014 4:31:38 PM

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