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10 Reasons You Eat When You're Not Actually Hungry

And What You Can Do About It!


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I needed this article I am having a hard time recognizing my hunger signals. Report
Have done all but the "clean plate" on the list at one time or another. Much better about stopping first to check in with self about why am I eating and what am I eating. Report
Thanks.... Report
Boredom is a biggie for me. Thanks for the article! Report
I do have a tend to eat when the clock tells me to..a few other things are a problem. I am working on them..thanks for the article Report
I eat when I'm tired and in pain. Report
When I'm mad at my husband I can eat to spite him, but I'm spiting myself! Report
This can be a tough area for me because I don't always realize I am doing it! Report
Clean plate club was rewarded when we grew up. No food wasted. Report
Great article. have a blessed Sunday Report
Great job Report
Great job Report
These were true in the past, but not since I regained total focus. I keep a 'clean' house and as a rule, don't ring any trigger foods home. Report
I agree with several other commenters-- it just depends on the day. Report
Thanks for a good article. Report

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