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10 Reasons You Eat When You're Not Actually Hungry

And What You Can Do About It!


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I'm an emotional/stress eater. It's so hard to avoid eating when I'm stressed. I try to keep only healthy foods in the house. Report
Mine is through habit, me and the hubby used to munch when we sat in front of the tv usually biscuits, so it become a relaxing evening event. Now he munches on his own which can be hard i have changed mine to healthier foods would like to give up the munching in the evening full stop though Report
Oh well- how about the whole list at some point or another! My MAIN reason for eating when I'm not hungry is being tired or bored. But sometimes I eat more when the food is just good to continue to enjoy it. Knowing this and recognizing it when its happening is the real test. Report
Yes I get it. Great!!! Thanks Report
When I’m tired is one of my biggest problems... looking for quick energy... and looking after a 2-year-old at age 74,it seems like I’m always tired! Report
Those are excuses, not reasons. I needed to learn the difference. Report
It tastes better than leaves. Report
Great article Report
We used to get positively recognized for being a member of the clean plate club. Report
These are so true for me. I use distraction as a strategy to avoid this. Report
Guilty of all but the clean plate at one time or another. Mom never did that to us, neither did I to my children. However, to get them to try something new, I made something they hated the same meal and they were allow to leave on choice on their plate. It worked for us. Report
Thank you! Report
When I'm tired my resistance disappears. When you recognize your triggers you can address them. Report
Drinking a glass of water makes a big difference to me. Report
I'm not sure that waiting until you're really hungry is the best way to go -- I seem to be able to control my eating better if I plan what I'm going to eat for the day (including snacks) and stick to it (on a schedule of sorts) so that I never really get too hungry. Also, if you work and lunch hour is at noon, you might not get another chance to eat for quite some time if you don't eat then. Or, if you're the one that cooks for your family, do you really want everyone eating at different times? Report

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