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10 Reasons You Eat When You're Not Actually Hungry

And What You Can Do About It!


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I wish Sparkpeople would refrain from posting the kind of pics that heads this article. Report
I try to stay out of the kitchen area and if I think I need to eat something I try to drink water - either cold or hot and wait before I figure out if I really need food or just because it is 12noon. Report
good points Report
Sometimes I just want a treat--something for me. Report
Totally relate to all of these! Report
I can relate to almost every one of these! Yikes... its ‘s so ingrained... I’m 74 and still struggling with these. Report
Eating on the clock helps me have some control for now. Mindful eating is a goal. Report
Excellent article Report
I always wish this article mentioned "Eating because you're actually thirsty". That's one of my biggest triggers! Report
The three I need to work on - to cope, boredom, and because food is there. Report
Yes to all of these. Thank you for the wake up! Report
I was raised being taught to eat everything on my plate so I now suffer from clean plate syndrome. Report
Thank you for the reminders! Report
thanks Report

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