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Why Getting Outside is So Good for You

Are You Nature-Deprived?


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  • I love doing yoga outside on my deck.
  • I grow a garden of vegetables and flowers every year--I call that my de-stress time. I live in a park-like setting alongside a lake that has trails and I walk those most every day. When my dogs are up to it (they are getting older and have some health issues) they go on walks with me. I get outside as much as possible and find it really does help my mental and physical well-being. I prefer walking outside as my main form of exercise and adapt from waking in the mornings before work during the nicer part of the year to going for shorter walks in the middle of the day when it is too dark or too cold to go in the morning. Good article that reinforces what I already do.
  • I love to run outside.
  • It is refreshing to be outside in God’s creation and a good time for meditation and reflection!
  • Walking out side if always a good to walk the dog / and you in the fresh air Vit D is free this way taime to give your self that pep talk to keep moving and no wondering how much you have left on the tread mill or bike.
  • Perhaps the reason going outdoors and seeing nature is so good is because they are gifts from our Lord God who created everything and it reminds us of what an awesome God he is.
  • Nature is my nirvana. Relaxing for me is easiest to achieve when I can view nature. Love having 4 seasons. While many dread winter - I enjoy the peacefulness and solitude of watching the snow fall. My most relaxing vacations have been spent in nature. I have posted 3 of my favorite pictures from a vacation last fall "up north" at little cabin on a lake.
  • Nice article. Thanks so much!

  • I noticed that when I went on vacation and went up into the mountains to visit my Aunt, she lives on a farm, just remembering the times of baling the hay and walking through the corn field, gave me such joy and comfort. She no longer does those things, but just sitting on the porch soaking in some rays or no, I was more calm and my stress level was almost nonexistent. There is something to be said for being in nature, and just watching the beautiful pond with the hills rising behind it, as the horses were grazing in the pasture. It's beautiful!


    - Nancy Jean -
  • I've noticed since I've been walking outside more this summer/ fall, I sleep better and I feel more lively in my waking hours.
  • I have always enjoyed the out of doors and really need it to recharge. Horse riding and hiking are my favorites. I am also taking up trail bicycle riding.
  • I have suffered with SAD since 2000. Daily time outside has helped control this depression.
  • I like going out with my dogs in the yard & running around. I have a couple acres & my neighbors in front & back have horses. So it's nice just out in the yard.

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