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10 Habits of Unsuccessful Dieters

Bad Habits That Are Preventing You from Losing Weight


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  • Great article, many helpful suggestions. Thanks
  • I reward myself with an ice cream for every 5 pounds I lose...I don't have a cheat day
  • I reward myself with an ice cream for every 5 pounds I lose...I don't have a cheat day
  • If (s)he's an apple and you're an orange,
    celebrate your differences -
    make a great fruit salad.
    Love isn't about being the same -
    it's about being sweet with each other.
    - Jonathan Lockwood Huie
  • Excellent article. Be patient, exercise, make healthy food choices and stay committed to your fitness and weight management goals!
    I think this is a good article. Each one of us has to find what works. I also find changing 'cheat day' to "treat day" makes me feel better about my indulgence. Instead of being a cheater I am having a treat. No guilt that way. I also think maybe not moderation in all things. There are some things I personally just can't stop at one bite. And it is usually stuff I don't really miss anyway.
    Always trying to adjust the fine line of exercising and eating habits.
  • Great article. Thank you
  • wow!!!! great article!!! love learning and thinking in new ways! thanks Sparkster Nicole and Sparkland!!!

    just changing my mind from " diet" to healthy loving choices has made a HUGE impact on my health and mindset!
  • Overall I liked this article. Problem/Solution format is a good way to document some of the things talked about here. Most of us have a love affair with one food or another - mine is ice cream, full fat, creamy and just vanilla. I am an icecream-a-holic. If I buy a pint it will call me from the freezer until the last spoonful of goodness has moved from the carton to my hips. My solution since giving it up isn't really possible. A trip to an icecream store once a week where I replace a meal (usually) lunch with a child scoop of vanilla and then I sit quietly and savor it. I want more but at the price - one scoop of even a child's portion is more than the cost of the pint, I wont do it. Then I get up and leave. Not perfect, but it works for me.
  • What is really discouraging is that I have to be so careful about EVERY SINGLE BITE. I went three days without tracking ... and gained 4 pounds. In those 3 days, I had two cheat meals and otherwise stuck to my calorie range. I know it's not supposed to be "easy" but does it have to be this hard?
  • I have kidney disease stage 2 and am on the Davita kidney diet and average 1500 calories a day. I eat less protein,less milk products,all white bread products,no white breads or white rice. I also have extra salt to keep my blood pressure reasonable. On most days it is 80/55. It is because of kidney disease that it is low. My body can not metabolise pottasium and every food has pottasium even though governments do not list it on the packaged foods people eat,so I have cut back on that and added a Iron supplement because of my kidney disease. I have lost 45 pounds this year. I will be on a special diet for the rest of my life. I exercise 5-6 times a week.I weigh myself daily otherwise I can gain 5 pounds a week with little effort on my part.

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