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10 Habits of Unsuccessful Dieters

Bad Habits That Are Preventing You from Losing Weight


  • One thing that made me feel better about my scale was actually weighing everyday (good or bad) then plugging those numbers into a weight trending site. (Not going to promote one, just look it up. :)) Basically, it averages out your weight and creates a smoother line so you can see your overall weight loss more easily. It's really helped encourage me. - 9/6/2015 10:09:54 PM
    I didn't know a thing about dieting ( the only thing that changed in my life was having a hysterectomy, taking steroids, menopause, and middle age). After I was put on estrodiol , and other hot flash medication, I gained 10-15 pounds each year the last two years! Even though I did not make any other changes in exercise, or what I was eating!! I was never a big eater and could go/would go half to two-thirds of the day sometimes without even eating. Then I would have a bowl of cereal for lunch/supper, and maybe supper. Never gained a pound until the medication/menopause entered my life. I was actually trying to gain weight before then because I was too thin. Now since I stared dieting I want to eat EVERYTHING! All I think about is food. Unbelievable! I used to think eating 1000 calories per day was a lot and couldn't figure out what people were bitching about. Haha. Now I know it's not much at all. I heard the saying , "want to gain weight? Just go on a diet"! Now I know it's true. - 8/18/2015 11:46:14 AM
  • Good Article

    My bad habit was listening to the doctors, in the first place. - 7/2/2015 9:00:55 PM
  • Seriously one of the best articles written ever here, Nicole. I read this expecting now that I'm finally finding success, to find one or two things I disagreed with - but each point was true. I weigh myself every day, but now have the three day rule, that I only record it three days that it has stayed that way. - 5/24/2015 3:44:10 AM
    Some reasonable advice here, but I'd caution everyone against watching the scale too much, it can be a serious de-motivator! If you want to see consistent and lasting results, work on developing habits that promote a healthy LIFESTYLE. Those habits will carry you through the low points in your weight loss journey, and ensure you stay slim for life! In fact, check out the following article that does a wonderful job of explaining the key factors in an effective, long-term weight loss strategy: - 5/19/2015 10:17:25 PM
  • KTKAT3024
    I am not a water drinker and never have been. In the last month I have had to go to emergency for a cat bite and they could not get a vein for IV because I was so dehydrated.I had to drink 110 ounces of water before they could hook me up. Then I had to have an ultra sound on my bladder. I was told to drink a litre of water. I did. They could not find my bladder! I had to go home drink a lot more water and go back the next day to have the ultra sound. Since that time I have faithfully drunk at least 8 glasses of water a day. Why the story? For the last four weeks I have been losing maybe a pound or staying the same. After I started drinking 8 glasses of water I lost 8 pounds in one week (I had already lost 32 pounds) A little research told me that dehydration will badly effect your metabolism and hence your weight loss. Learned my lesson. - 4/26/2015 1:47:34 AM
  • ACORNS1022
    Oooh, I enjoy being told to eat rather than deprive myself to a healthier me! Seriously, every time someone says, you can't eat that, all I want to do is eat that! So what if I let myself eat 'that' and eat healthier in general? That works! It really is all about balance. Now if I could just adopt that philosophy for good, I'd be good. - 4/25/2015 4:01:34 PM
    Good basic information, except for me. I am not losing weight by exercising and staying within calorie recommendation. I am creating more muscle and losing fat - so that is good. I have gone done one whole size, another good thing, but I still need to lose at least 30, preferably 40 pounds. So now I have to rethink and cut down more on bread/pasta or eliminate them for a while. Everyone is different so your remarks are good for the general population, but not for some of us. - 4/25/2015 3:24:53 PM
  • To me, I enjoy reading all the comments. Take what you want out of it and leave the rest on the table. If I am having a craving I can read these and help keep myself positive and keep moving ahead. Thank you to all - 4/25/2015 9:09:13 AM
  • Me personally...I read these articles for motivation, reminders and maybe something I don't already know. I know that I need to eat healthy and exercise...both together. Sometimes I have my bad days (esp wkends) but I get right back to it. I believe that only you know what works for you and that may be all or some of these suggestions. I enjoy some really bad foods that I have every once and while but not every week like I have done in the past. You have to do what makes you happy or at the least manageable or you will give up. :o) - 4/16/2015 12:41:35 AM
    DIET. FACE IT. FACE THE WORD. And stop trying to put a pretty bow around it. You can make it a better experience with help of SparkPeople, but not facing that you are on a DIET is a mistake - for people like me. I finally lost 40 pounds using SparkPeople tools, but the first step was admitting that I needed to DIET (Read Eat less and better) - 4/13/2015 10:10:02 AM
  • Yvette888 voiced my opinion exactly
    "I really disagree with idea of only getting on the scale once a week (or once every two). Weight fluctuates each day and if you are only weighing in once a week (or once every two weeks) and happen to do so on a bad day you will think nothing is working. I've found its much better to weigh myself every day - and know the 2 lb fluctuations are normal. This is especially true for weight maintenance. I can gain easily gain 5 lbs in a week if left unchecked - its so much easier to eat extra healthy for a couple of days when the scale is up one or two pounds - rather than not realizing it for a week and having the sad surprise of an extra five pounds"

    Otherwise, a very good article. - 4/13/2015 5:59:19 AM
  • 2BFITN23838
    This sentence saved me from going into a deep depression today: "You can lose inches, get fitter, gain lean muscle mass, drop body fat, become better hydrated, look better and feel more energized without the pounds budging at all." I've been feeling frustrated because I have been eating the right nutrients according to SparkPeople and exercising, but the pounds are not coming off. I actually gained a pound since last week! So I'll try to focus on signs other than the scale for benefits to my overall health. - 4/12/2015 9:18:38 AM
  • Good comments. Personally if I think if I have to cut anything out completely then all I can think about is eating that one thing. I think my eating plan is working is because I know I can have whatever I like as long as it fits in the calorie range I have set for myself. - 4/12/2015 8:48:32 AM
  • interesting - lots of discussion about # 3 - "Don't give up specific foods".

    I guess it depends on two things:

    - how good are you at taking just one serving and no more than that (I'm terrible at it myself)

    - how harmful is it? Are we talking potato chips, a specific fast food meal (one of those that add up to half your calory budget for the day) or a large coke with wodka? I have a much beloved "meal" consisting of chicken wings fresh from the oven, french fries with mayo & ketchup and maybe some (sccops of) ice cream. Let's just say that's down to once a year, if that. - 4/6/2015 10:37:59 PM

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