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The Quest for Functional Foods

Foods with Function or Designed for Deceit?


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What amazes me is I eat some of the foods, simply because I like them, which later on research claims helps prevent this or that disease--or promotes this or that health benefit. True, I am already eating a bunch of that food--but I don't notice any health benefits one way or the other. so.....don't know how much stock I put in those reports. Report
Good info Report
Interesting and informative! Report
Good info Report
Good article. Report
Good article Report
So to me, it's one day you can have this and the next day you can't. I believe in moderation and that is the key to everything. Not too much salt, additives, fat, low carb, carbs you just have to pick and choose your battle wisely. Blessings. Report
Thanks for sharing this info. Report
Thanks for the information! Report
I loved this article! In the age of the hyped up commercial and the infomercial it is too easy to believe what you hear/see. Thank you. Report
Great article. One has to be so well educated to navigate the claims made by the food industry. I tend to believe we can't fool mother nature, and I prefer to stick to whole foods that are not tampered with by the food industry. Report
I agree with everyone here. So often people fall for things they see on television or online. But this product and it will help lose weight without dieting or exercise. What about that Garcinia they keep talking about it or other products I seen promoted by Dr. Oz and others? They all claim to help you lose weight without doing anything. And people actually fall for it because so called celebrities used it. How much of that is true and did they do any research or tests on it/
It seems everyone wants to be thin but they do not want to change how they eat or live. I would eat all organic except I am on a very strict food allowance and cannot afford it now. Report
I don't understand this sentence:

"The functional ingredients of this 12-ounce beverage include: 90 milligrams of green tea extract (known as epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG for short), 100 milligrams of caffeine, 20% of the daily value for calcium."

Is this a run-on sentence that should have the word "and" inserted before "20% of the daily value for calcium" or is it making some kind of connection between caffeine and calcium intake? Confusing! Report
Live-saving vaccines and pharmaceuticals are synthetic to some extent, while disease-causing microbes abound in nature. Natural is not synonymous with "healthful" and synthetic is not synonymous with "unhealthful." Report
I tried Activia yogurt just out of curiosity, and it made me feel nauseated. Report

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