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Prevent Fitness Setbacks Before They Happen

Clearing the 12 Most Common Exercise Hurdles


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  • I really loved this article. Halfway through it made me realize that all these excuses (most I've used myself), are just that - excuses. If I truly committed to taking care of myself and exercising daily and keeping active - no outer circumstance could really deter me. Success really is all in my mind, it really does rest solely with me.
  • Fantastic article! Enjoyed reading this one.
  • BOBG01
    I spend a lot of time outdoors all year doing things like hiking, fishing, camping, and snowboarding. The cardinal rule for outdoor activities is dress properly and the weather doesn't matter, but dress improperly and you will be miserable in short order. Doesn't mattter if it's heat, cold, rain, snow, or whatever, if you have the proper gear you can still enjoy outdoor activities.

    Last week one morning it was ZERO degrees out when I went for a run and I was layered up and plenty comfortable. On Saturday I took the dog for a five mile hike in the snow. I was actuall too warm by the end of the hike even though the temperature was in the high 20's.
    I am SO BUMMED. I have been injured or sick since February 1, and so much want to get back to my normal exercise routine and my normal strength and flexibility. Broken ankle, virus, now on my third UTI. BUMMED!
    I needed this today.
    Sparkpeople needs to create 2000 minute and 3000 minute exercise trophies for those of us who DON'T use any of these excuses.
  • I've gotten a little off track because of other things going on and oversleeping. I really like the new song on the iPod idea (I use my iPhone as a music source all the time!) It's sad too because I really like working out and have missed it. I'm also dying to get the 1000 minutes a month trophy sometime soon (and the cold deters me much less than the heat does, I don't mind a little cold or a little snow...or even a lot of snow, hoping to get some fitness minutes this winter snowshoeing and ice skating!!)
  • It is soooo hard for me to get up early but I do know it is the best way to "stay on track".
  • This week my excuse/setback has been I keep oversleeping. I will start moving my phone alarm further away from me so I have to get out of the bed to turn it off. It's true that getting out of bed is the hardest part.
  • Except for being sick or injured, these aren't setbacks, they are excuses. "Forgot your tunes"? Really?
  • This article is what I needed at this point in my exercise journey. Thank you for taking the time to provide a thoughtful and thorough overview of major sticking points to exercise. I will return to this and check-in with myself every month.

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