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12 Heart-Smart Tips You Haven't Heard

There's More to Heart Health than Diet and Exercise


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The sodium& high blood pressure connection is not proven. Correlation does not mean causation. Once diagnosed with HBP they recommend using less sodium, which is good. But reducing salt intake to prevent it-there is no evidense it helps. Report
Going I've heard this all, then I checked when this was written, Probably read it a dozen times already. Report
good points Report
There is nothing new in this list that I haven't heard before. Report
Thank you! Report
Thanks for sharing. Great information Report
Lots of ideas but no pet, please! Report
Having friends that are interested in doing physical activity is such a boon to heart health. Motivating! Report
Lots of good ideas that we can never hear too often. Report
thanks Report
I enjoyed reading this article. Knowing what's good for our heart is never outdated. Report
Seems to be a lot of reference to this article being outdated. From what I read, it's still very much needs to be repeated. Thank you. Report
... great blog... very useful information... Report
Great suggestions! Thank you! Report
These are actually tips I have heard for the past couple DECADES, let alone years. However, since a lot of people today AREN'T following them, they bear repeating. I know I personally should try to get more sleep....The only thing I personally disagree with is the insistence on a strong social network. I am a loner by nature, and can probably count on one hand the number of times I've ever felt "lonely." Too much time "relating" and not enough solitude stresses me out. Report

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