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12 Heart-Smart Tips You Haven't Heard

There's More to Heart Health than Diet and Exercise


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  • Fantastic information thanks
  • Excellent article with helpful heart health information!
  • Fantastic information!!!
  • We stand on the shoulders of those who go before us.
  • The premium does not give any new articles, sadly. It gives you access to spark coach and daily videos for motivations, tips, etc. The big push for me was that it was ad free and the pages load much faster now. Funny I got an email from Ellen Goldman today linking me to this article as though it was a new post.
  • Uhh. how old is this article?? Everybody has heard these "tips". This website needs to freshen it up.
  • I agree with MSPOOH404, I really don't see much new with this website. Although its very beloved to me for as much as its helped me in the past, the site really does seem stagnant, perhaps even waning. So there's a better upgraded version of this for a price? Is that why the current site is chock full of old articles with not much new? That would make me really sad if true.
  • Since this article is 5 years old, I would like to see more updated information. Not that I don't believe these 12 things are positive and helpful, but a lot has changed in 5 years. (You're not putting all the new & up-to-date info on the paid site are you SP?)
  • All these tips are great.
    Mouth care.
    Mouth hygeine.
    There's so much more to heart health care.
  • Heart health is not one-size-fits-all. My cardiologist has me on an extremely high-sodium diet, because my blood volume is too low. It is too much stress on my heart to function normally without the extra salt.

    Those with heart trouble should look into supplementing with Ubiquinol or the cheaper but less effective CoQ10.

    Women need to learn the warning signs for a heart attack, which are different from men. The comedian Rosie O'Donnell has a heart special on HBO she put out last Valentine's Day that describe the symptoms, called "A Heartfelt Standup." Not everybody will be into her comedy, but the symptoms are good to know and have saved many lives already anyway. They are:

    HEPPP: Hot, Exhausted, Pain, Pale, Puke

    If you are a woman at risk for a heart attack and you experience these symptoms, chew an aspirin immediately and go to the emergency room. There is a good chance it will save your life. Please spread the word about these symptoms to as many people as possible, so we are better informed about what a woman's heart attack looks like. It is not the same as the classic signs advertised for men. Many women think they simply have a sudden flu and die as a result. This is preventable.
  • No, DO NOT adopt a pet just because it would benefit YOUR health. Adopt a pet because you love animals and wish to take good care of a pet. That's the only good reason.
  • "Treat yourself to dark chocolate" . I like that!
  • Good article. The one item I didn't see mentioned here that I've seen in other articles is reducing alcohol consumption.
  • This makes me love my cats even more.

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