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Eating with Diabetes: What About Fruit?

The Best Fruit Choices for People with Diabetes


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Excellent article, good need-to-know information. Report
Informative article Report
The g index is close to the carb count. It kind of helps. Fruit is great for you, and all fruits are not same. I love cherries but to many are bad for me whatever scale it falls on. Report
good points Report
I am not diabetic, but I thought the article was quite informative, thanks! Report
I didn't get what this article was talking about. OK fruit is OK to eat. But then it proceeds to tell you how bad everything is. And I still don't understand this glycemic thing, why didn't the article simply point out what fruits are best to eat and which one's to avoid. Now that would have been helpful instead of all the double talk the article contained. Report
Grapefruiit can be very dangerous if you are taking medication. Check with your pharmacist before eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice. Report
I, too, would have liked to have it by numbers, so copied it and put it in a table I could manipulate. Different people work different ways. Thank goodness for software!

This was a good article. However, what it does not address is the rush of sweetness that comes with some fruit eating. Not just the actual glycemic index and 'carb' reaction. But also the rush of the body FEELIng the sweet. Some of us are quite sensitive to that. It triggers much overeating and even binges which of course lead to sugar problems.

Gotta know ones own body and soul when it comes to food.

I like the alphabetic sorting. If you wish to look up a certain fruit, it's much easier to find it when the list is alphabetic, rather than sorted by glycemic index. Report
That chart would have been much more useful sorted from lowest to highest GI. (Instead of alphabetically) Report

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