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Plan the Perfect Girls Day Out

Think Outside the Box to Make Lifelong Memories



9/23/2013 8:46:15 AM

About once a month I get together with a bunch of ladies and we do paper crafts, mostly card making, some scrapbooking. It is fun and I love getting together with friends and having a good time, but frankly, I don't get to see enough of my own family, so I am probably not going to add anymore activities to what I do.


8/3/2012 9:49:21 AM

FAITHFUL81's SparkPage
I want to save...buttons don't always appear on side... Whether I'm on ipad or laptop. Choices at close of article worked well... Why change?


8/3/2012 9:39:35 AM

DWAN1969's SparkPage
One of my best friends is getting married next summer and instead of having a bachelorette party with drinking and food (and God knows what else) we have all decided (and agreed, even the Bride) to find a local 1/2 marathon to run some weeks prior to the wedding festivities...I thought this was a great idea!


8/3/2012 7:41:49 AM

EGRAMMY's SparkPage
I too would like to save or facebook this article and have no buttons.


8/3/2012 6:56:38 AM

Good article and it gave me some great ideas for a fun time with the girl!


8/3/2012 4:39:04 AM

SANDEEB7's SparkPage
This is all self self self....feel!
What about some community reach out, charity work....??
We splurge on ourselves and forget about those who don't have/can't do. Somehow I think we have our priorities wrong, as these are all just temp fixes.
Look outward, past you and your friends.


5/9/2012 11:16:30 AM

SP_MELINDA's SparkPage
The print, save, and e-mail buttons are on the left side of your screen--there should be a bar that scrolls with you as you go up and down the page.


5/9/2012 1:02:04 AM

I also like this article but don't see how to save it on favorites.

I also don't see the print, e-mail, pin it, ect place either.


5/8/2012 3:59:41 PM

ARICVILLA2002's SparkPage
Why cant i save this article? Why dont i have that option?

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