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7 Simple Ways You Could Reclaim an Hour a Day

Try to Find Your 25th Hour


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    Quality over quantity.
    I can squeeze a lot of activity into a single day, but it isn't much fun. Too much structure can suck the life out of living.
  • What if you already do all these things and you still don't have enough time???
  • Never fold towels.
    Don't buy clothes that need ironing.
    Pick up after yourself so you don't waste precious evening and weekend time cleaning.
  • Very good information as I just get up an hour earlier. These ideas will also make the day more productive. Thank you, Sparkfriend!
  • Time With Your Child would be the best bang for your buck. Remembered by both as PRECIOUS.
    Time is such a precious resource.
  • Sometimes you have to go out on the ledge to see the view of where you want to be.
    Grocery shopping once a week does not work for us. We buy fresh poultry, fresh fish and fresh vegetables and even ground beef occasionally which needs to be purchased at least every other day to keep it fresh.. Also we are seniors and the various supermarkets give seniors a discount one day each week, but the three markets we shop at have those discounts on three different days.
  • Not a great article and why because this is all common sense. We always have the power and the ability to say NO to most anything that takes up our time. When I worked it was in a controlled environment. No cell phones allowed and no ability to make personal calls - there was a phone in the office where emergency calls could come in. No internet access only intranet so no surfing etc. Today that sounds restrictive. Actually it was efficient. You came to work, you did your work, you got breaks and you went home. Because we were classified you couldn't take it with you. If work needed you to stay you did. Today we want it all and want it all NOW. Wow. FOMO (fear of missing out) has taken over. Multi-tasking works when you link similar tasks. It can be possible to do it well. If you try to do very different things however one or both of them will tank because you can't give your FULL attention to anything. And so it goes. Society has developed for convenience but at a huge price. Sorry but social media is anything but and it's psychologically destructive in that for many it is addictive.
  • Thought when I retired I'd get it all together at home. Ha! It's not about the number of hours in the day, but how you elect to use them. Great article.
  • Helpful. Thank you!
  • if this site was easier to wade through and complete faster it would be an immense help in my opinion

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