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Plan Today, Succeed Tomorrow

4 Ways to Think Two Steps Ahead


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Common sense stuff we have either forgotten or chosen to ignore! Report
interesting article Report
Good article. Thank you. Report
Good advice. Plan ahead but don't worry about it. Report
Good article. Got my fruits and vegies for the week!!! Report
great advice Report
This is a great article .... Thanks for your hard work! Report
This is a great article...............Thank You. Report
Great article! I have scheduled all my gym days on my calendar. On Saturday I started a journal noting all my food intake. I always have trouble drinking enough water each day maybe logging into my journal will help. I made some health snacks to look forward to in the evening my worse snacking time. Wish me luck! Report
I need to work on having a Plan B. Report
I have found that as I am falling asleep I am planning and/or exploring options for snacks for the next day. It is not a stressful kind of thinking more like a counting sheep thought process. Just what do I have and what could i eat for a snack the next day. It makes me smile. Today I am having cucumbers and almonds.Now i am taking it to the next step logging all food that I eat and tracking calories in my snacks.
enjoyed this article and the members comment. Especially "Commit and don't quit!" and The acronym, "PACE" is motivating and helpful. THANKS TO ALL.
Good tips! 8-)
Sorry for the typos. Report
I've been planning and logging all my food either in the morning or even better the night before. Tgen I just follow the log likes checklist almost. Only 3 days in and it's worked so far. Report

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