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Top 10 Reasons to Strength Train

Why Pumping Iron is Good for You, Inside and Out


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  • Great article to read about Strength Training!
  • I have been lifting weights since I have been very young and I am glad I have. Now 52 I feel strong and it helps me keep up with my 2 year old grandson.
  • I'm so thankful I started strength training several years ago!
  • I can honestly say that adding strength training to my workouts has been such a game changer. Pretty much everything the article mentioned as a benefit, I have experienced. Body weight exercises can be done anywhere, and many of the moves can be modified. Build slowly, you will be amazed by the difference. Yesterday I had to purchase heavier dumb bells, five years ago I would never have imagined this would be necessary. It is powerful to exercise our strong!
  • Wonderful! Great article. Very informative! Thanks so much!!!
  • Fantastic write!! Bursting with great information~ applause,applause!! I'm passing it on to my Healthy Hearts team!!
    Thank You again!
  • Thanks for sharing.
  • I saved this to go back to in the future.
  • I used to use the karate dummy in my picture for resistance training and it worked really well; it was a very excellent whole-body workout. But I found that the workout made me feel kind of beat up sometimes; my joints tended to hurt. Then I learned that if I also did a weight program my body handled the karate dummy workout a great deal better; so much so that I would not recommend doing the karate workout I did without also doing weights. So in my experience, weights do strengthen a great deal more than just muscles. And now at 59 my joints still work as well as ever and are free of pain, even after all the abuse I gave them from my intense karate workouts.
  • What volumes of good information on this page. I bookmarked it to return to it and look at ALL of it. Thanks.
  • Thank you for the article. Very useful for motivation for not-so-excited-to work-out-days.
    Oh yeah all the benefits mentioned here work for me but there are two great benefits that you all forgot to mention and should be an added incentive for all those who are yet to start working out. Your appetite for two of life's greatest pleasures will increase manifold - food and sex! You will start enjoying eating guilt free while your taste buds explode after a good workout and well since your internal blood circulation is at it's peak, the pleasure that one derives from sex is just going to be a helluva lot more intense, powerful and stronger!
  • J-HALL
    I have always wondered if the strength training I do "counts" since it's in the pool. I use the biggest buoys I can handle and do enough repetitions of upper and lower body exercises to the point where I can't do any more. It's a real workout for me. Do you think it counts as strength training? I do :)


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