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Break Out of Your Food Rut!

5 Ways to Make Happier Meals


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Adding different hot sauces to your meals is a good way to add variety too. 🌶🌶 Report
Thank you for the ideas! Report
Some great ideas. Report
I usually don't have a problem with meal planning but there are days this info would be of help. Thanks for sharing. Report
Thanks Report
I have a variety of foods I choose from and mix them up from day to day, but I'm basically choosing from the same list every day. I don't feel I'm in a rut though because I've found healthy foods that I enjoy. If I ever want to try something new though, nothing is holding me back. Different plans for different's all about what works best for you. Report
Great article. I have a yearly diary that I meal plan out ahead in. Helps with shopping as well. Report
Thanks Report
Thanks. Report
great artcile thank you Report
Good article - variety is good! Report
I have the opposite problem: too many recipes/foods that I want to try, not enough calories allowed in the day to have them all! Report
Good information. I tend to not have a plan for a meal until time to prepare it. I then enjoy finding and trying new mixtures and not always with a recipe. Report
Every now and then I just need to try something new - and my SPARK recipe box has a lot of choices I've not yet tried but found interesting. Sometimes a healthy mug muffin or cake, other times a new healthy brownie or some kind of cookie - this may seemed a lot focused on sweets, but that is something I don't always balance in my meal plan as well as I could. Other times, it is experimenting with a new-er veggie - this summer it was eggplant - I tried 3- 4 new recipes - and I happen to love eggplant and maybe even crave it! Report
When our kids were toddlers and I was a stay at home mom my husband used to come home for lunch every day. It was easy for me to get into a food rut. I felt like I was cooking all day and running out of new ideas quickly. I was young and busy! There are so many different meals to put together out there! I learned as I went along, but it's still not easy because now there are only two of us, and we can slip back into a food rut eating leftovers half the week. Report

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