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Smarter Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Simple Tips for Mastering Your Sugar Cravings


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  • I'm a fan of chocolate covered fruit.
  • I just discovered that two dried dates do it for me in the nosh category. They're both sweet and chewy and two of them are just 47 calories.

  • I like the idea of making sure if you are going to eat a sweet make it a real one.
  • Sweets are my downfall but I'm learning how to manage my sweet tooth slowly but surely.
  • PBX peanut butter powder smoothies is my go to for a sweet tooth treat.
  • Greek yogurt is an acquired taste, but now I am eating it, Dannon makes good yogurt.
  • I gave up processed sugar treat 15 months ago. It's easier for me to just say no than to fight the constant cravings I suffer if I do eat doughnuts, cookies, and peanut M&Ms. I want more and more.
  • I found a 100 calorie kettle corn pop-corn that has a good sweet taste. Takes care of my sweet tooth.
  • I prefer fruit to cookies or candy
  • In addition to overall eating sweets were one of my biggest down falls. Spark is helping me to change all that and since I have plenty of failed diet attempts from the past I have mentally prepared myself for this to be my lifestyle change forever.
  • I try hard not to give in to sweets. I eat raw colored carrots or a sweet potato with my meal. If I have a big urge I eat a piece of fruit.
    I say no sweets today, but will treat myself tomorrow. I will say the same thing the next day and tomorrow never seems to come for me. I have been treat-free for 90 days.
  • My sweet tooth is one of my biggest challenges. Last night I managed to stave it off with a piece of a candy cane. Not what I wanted, but I was proud to except a moment of step at a time.
    Yes, like everyone else I enjoy the gratification of a sweet treat! Am constantly trying to find alternatives.... In the UK, I suppose we have different products which amount to the same thing!! I'm not a chocolate person, but I really enjoy a hot pudding with fresh cold Custard... Unfortunately, that comes in at a whopping 800 calories lol! I've started getting tinned rice pudding (portion 190 calories) and the occasion egg Custard tart (approx 240), I'm trying not to feel deprived and atm, that's working x
  • The smart options seem to contradict the premise of eating whole foods.

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