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The Portion Distortion Guide

A List of Serving Sizes


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after reading this article, i think i am not eating the right amounts.. thanks Report
Well this explains a lot. I feel uneducated. But now I know. Report
good points Report
According to these serving sizes by volume, I have probably been eating at least twice the number of servings of fruits and vegetable than I have been "quick" tracking on the Start page. In the nutrition tracker, I have been entering the weights of the food I eat. Using that method for veggies the serving sizes are much larger in volume. Report
great article Report
I'm wondering how many grams should one eat for breakfast, dinner or supper. It would be great to find it out! Report
Thank you for the visual comparisons... billiard balls, deck of cards, those are things I can imagine accurately. Report
Wow they should take this article down. This is almost 15 years old, and the info in it, from 20-30 years ago. The USDA food pyramid is based on lobbied research. People should be eating alot less refined carbs, and fats is not the enemy, sugar is. Report
I wish cheese was the size of a softball :( Report
Thank you for the information. Report
I've never seen a hockey puck. I'd really like to get these kinds of things in weights. Easier to be precise. Report
Thank you for this article, saving for later. Report
If half a cup of cooked oats is a serving, why is the nutrition information on the bag given for half a cup uncooked? Report
Look on many healthy sites to get correct sizes for portions. Especially as a diabetic. Report
Servings are ridiculous. If portions are what we naturally eat, servings need to be resized to match. Report

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