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He Did What He Had No Business Doing

The Story of Art Tatum


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Congrats, on a job well done! Report
Inspiring article Report
What an inspiration! Report
That a great article on the power of stepping outside our physical limitations and making the world a better place. Report
Love your article (LOVE Art Tatum and jazz....) another inspiration is Django Rheinhardt and The Hot Club de Paris. He did amazing runs etc on guitar, with only 3 fingers on his left hand. We have a festival in the NW (Djangofest) where musicians of all levels come to play. Could you write about him too, please? Self taught as well - but, as with everything including losing weight, it takes a bit of practice and dedication. Report
Great article!! Thanks for sharing! Report
Did this article fail to mention Art Tatum comes from the Black American community? Something about this article makes a talented person sound like a performing circus freak. As I said first, the article seems to marginalise the community Mr. Tatum is from. The same community I am from. Report
Absolutely awesome. Totally and absolutely awesome! Report
I love this story!!
Thanks for sharing it. Report
Wow ! Does that make me pause & reflect . I'm very thankful to Spark People for helping us see the world in another perception that our own. Report
So true. SP is teaching us every day this is not only a possibility but a fact. Report
Sometimes the Universe gives you exactly what you need when you need it - I was feeling very down this morning because I've been coping with a seemingly impossible situation... this story has made me hopeful again. Thank you very much for sharing.
So inspiring... I have goosebumps! Report
Very moving and inspirational! Report
Thank you for sharing this much enjoyed article!! Makes you think life is really that simple:


Know Report

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