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10 Natural Ways to Defy Your Age

Skip the Gimmicks to Look and Feel Younger Than Ever


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  • There are always outliers when we make generalities about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, most notably people with illnesses related to genetics. But 'in general' these are good guidelines.
  • t is so important to take care of our mind, body and soul at whatever age you may be. I prefer not to tell my age as we are judged by it, not that I'm not proud of my years of life. How we live does reflect our age, on occasion however, we can do much better, going forward. It's how you feel that matters the most. Thank for the enlighten as we can all start, right where we are.
  • I just love this article. I reached the point where looks were not the important thing. Health, well being, self acceptance are the keys to happiness.
  • Find activities that you love doing and you'll enjoy exercising.
  • Good article. Mostly stuff I already knew, but is always good to hear again.
  • Love this article! Great ideas!
  • Working on these, "Real food" I feel this is just a trendy catch phrase people are latching onto-- the term by itself, is too subjective--details olease.
    "Have you noticed that every magazine you pick up lately has advertisements for the many ways we can look younger than our chronological years?"

    Yes I have noticed those advertisements, and I've also noticed that a LOT of them use models who are somewhere between the age of 19 and 35, and know NOTHING about wrinkles, aging skin or the challenges they pose!

    Not blaming the models, but the advertising agencies!!! Do they really think we're that stupid?!?!?
  • I do many of these suggestions, already. I am VERY happy for this article. Water is my main 'trick' always at least 10 cups a day. I'm 'foggy" without it. I went to an office the other day, on business & she needed to know my age. I asked her to 'guess'. She guessed 15 years younger.! The comment in the beginning of this article about 'thinking' (my words) about my body, REALLY helps me. I have an affirmation, "My body responds as if I am 22 years old." I was VERY healthy then & feels good to me. I am many decades older, but it truly helps me! THANK YOU!
    I'm 64, and I have embraced my wrinkles. To me, they are not a sign of old age, they are a sign of experience. I've earned each and every one of my wrinkles. My laugh lines show that I've had joy in my life, the vertical lines between my brows show that I've had stress that I've worked through and overcome.

    I feel really bad for people, especially women, who believe their self-worth comes from their looks. Everyone ages, everyone gets wrinkles.

    Why is it that when a man ages and gets wrinkles and grey hair - he looks distinguished? When that happens to a woman, she is said to have let herself go? It's time that double-standard is ended, once and for all.

    We are far more than our looks.
  • @JMELE8 Yes it helps, i have tried it like 3 years ago and i’m still using it. remember that you can no expect any miracles when you are ageing, especially don’t trust any creams, serums etc. You need solve the problem from inside, not outside. This is one of a few things that helps and trust me I've tried millions of them because i need to look good/young for my job. And the brand you are talking about is great i’m using the same. It is expensive, but quality products are not cheap and this is your beauty and health we are talking about.
  • I'm a 32-year-old women, and already noticing forehead wrinkles and little lines beneath my eyes. I want to know what my real options are. This hurts me particularly because my beauty and especially my skin is really important for me (it is by far the part of me that I get the most physical compliments on). I think botox looks horrid and i reject it. I'm 32 for God's sake! I'm too young to be old! Has anyone here heard of this brand? Read a lot good reviews on the internet. Does it really help?

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