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10 Natural Ways to Defy Your Age

Skip the Gimmicks to Look and Feel Younger Than Ever


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    Good article, but can't say I haven't learned anything from it as I already knew the info. But for those who don't, it's good advice.

    I would only add don't dump your supplements. Although I've recently started whole food vities, I still continue the anti-oxidant vites A, C, E. Hey, doesn't hurt. One vitie maker puts them all in an Anti-oxidant vities supplement.

    I'm 71 and look years younger. When folks ask me how, I answer: Vitamines and Exercise.
  • Great article. On your next version, I hope you discuss how all those bad habits affect the brain, starting at an early age, but NOW is the time to fix it, to exercise, to eat fruits and vegetables, etc. in order to have a healthy brain as we age.
  • ONUTHIN125
    Great article. Very true info. My mom is 76 and she looks and acts like she is in her 50's. She has a young mindset. She dresses tastefully and even though she is retired, she gets out daily and associates with people. I am trying to learn for her! Spark On!
    Thank you, Ellen Goldman--- for this very comprehensive list that can enhance our lives. We all have genetic traits, but all of these suggestions can be of great benefit. I am pleased to see the emphasis on oral health, smile care, mentioned here. Diseased gums, rotten teeth, poor hygiene of the mouth ---hurt appearance and hurt overall health. So many patients can avoid losing their teeth by properly caring for them at an early age.
  • Good article - thanks.
  • BITHOO and NICOLEELIZANETH have excellent points.

    While I don't doubt that healthy elders in excellent physical condition can be afflicted with unpredicted health obstacles/diseases, I *do* think that part of the point of treating yourself *well* with the exercise and quality foods (if you can get them, and have the education to be aware of what your healthy choices are), is to be able to enjoy what is your life with as little pain as possible.
  • i agree somewhat with Bithoo. I am a registered nurse and evaluate medical problems that include the effects of aging on the body in a scientific manner. However, I also know that some of the ideas in this article can retard -slow down the aging process.

    As we age and get into our 50,s 60's, 70' and older, certain uncontrollable things occur within the body on the inside and the outside.

    1. We lose more muscle and maintain more fat so weight trainning helps slow this process. Hopwever, if you have Osteoporosis( brittle bones) weight trainning could triggor a fracture. Perhaps walking for an hour would be better.

    2. As for the face this is what happens no matter what you eat; don't despair because there are surgical and non-surgical options to help restore a youthful look.
    A. The fat under the eyes starts to travel downward creating naso-labial folds( deep creases on either side of the nose)
    B. The upper eyelids start to droop because the skin is less elastic. The lower eyelids can develop under eye bags for the same reason. Make-up applied correctly can create an illusion to counter this effect. Apply a light concealer or make-up in the depressed areas and a darker make-up on the pouch( raised areas). The effect will be to raise the depressed circle under the eye and depress the puff. However, eyelid surgery can be done on an out patient basis:it is painless and takes about two weeks to heal, meaning that the bruised areas go away in that period of time. Otherwise the stitches are removed in about 5 days and you will look 10 years younger. The cost for this procedure is about $2000.

    C. Wrinkles appear on the forehead, sides of the eyes and upper cheeks. The chin may develop little pin holes. This can be treated with Botox and creams that have Retin A
    in therapeutic quantity like Atralin, Tazorak and the like. Applied to the wrinkled areas they halp Collagen grow. Collagen is the substance that is the framework that hold the face together. It is the lack of Collagen that produces many of the signs of aging. Their are also laser procedures that help the cells in the face produce more Collagen which eventually gives the face a smoother and more youthful look.
    Liposuction of extra facial fat can also be done. Thermage is a procedure that lifts and tightens faceial skin. You can Google aesthetic cosmetic procedures and learn about them.Nothing that you eat is going to retard wrinkles and fat that is drifting downward from the upper face creating Jowls and the like.

    D.As for Arthitis and other problems relating to aging there are medications that help with these problems and coupled with proper diet can also help slow these processes. However, better drugs need to be found that can stop the processes underlying the diseases of aging.
    As for healthy eating in general: based on people that I have personally known who smoked, were alcoholics and ate fatty foods, didn't exercise but nevertheless lived into their 90's I would think that genetics plays a role in longivity.
    On the other hand health life styles, screening for certain diseases and surgery to replace hips and kness that no longer function adequately can prolong life in certain individuals.
    So why not stack the deck on the side of healthy eating, screenings, exercise and regular physical check ups for bodily health. As for facial aging that can be erased by aesthetic procedures. Sorry, but a glass of orange juice wont get rid of the frown lines between the eyes.

    E.. Cardiac problems are usually hereditary but can be controlled with medication, diet ,
    exercise and weight loss as written about in the article.

    F.. Most importantly, we should all have these screening tests to prevent or treat certain diseases that occur more frequently as we age and also due to genetic inheritance.
    1. Mammograpyhy to detect Breast Cancer.
    2. Colonoscopy to detect Colon Cancer.
    3. Lipid profiles as well as Complete Blood Tests to detect possible problems and treat them.
    4. After menapause in women Estrogen is lowered and its effects on the bones no longer help retard osteopenia( the stage before osteoporosis).
    Being evaluated by a good endocrinologist is a smart idea. Once the Dexa Scan reveals the condition of the vertebral bones and hip bones the physician can treat the bone loss with a myriad of mediactions.Men also need to be evaluated for osteoporosis and frequently they are not until a hip or vertebral bone is fractures.

    I think that all that was written i9n the article was good and that coupled with what i have written will TURN BACK THE CLOCK!
    And YES! I am a living testament to what i have written because i have had some of the procedures that I have written about.

    Elizabeth BSN.( Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
  • Good reminder article but as a person who has many family members affected with various cancers at this point--young and older-I think it would be more accurate to say Some diseases are a result of how we a nurse even hypertenison has a genetic component that an individual can do all the right things and still have the'disease'
  • LOUISE3518
    Great reminder of such easy ways to live life. REALLY LIVE IT. So much to enjoy and how easy it is to forget all the ways to reallyl live and enjoy. Thank you for this excellent article. It is a great reminder for me..... and getting started one step at a time. Walking is a great way... and I'm heading in that directrion. Again thank you
  • I think the author's article is well meaning; however, she also forgot to omit that there is also genetics involved. Thus, I agree with the comment earlier stated by one of the readers, bithoo. Unfortunately, good health doesn't prevent cancer nor neurological diseases from occurring. This is inevitable, and it's written in our genetic code.

    However, I will say that for someone to have died of breast cancer at the age of 75 is pretty darn strong (physically and emotionally). Had she not lived a healthy lifestyle, she probably would have passed away sooner. So, controlling what we consume and how we live does make a difference.

  • Sometimes I tread water for an hour and sometimes I swim crawl non stop for an hour... the endorphins and feel good is more so with the crawl although maybe 10 minutes more of treading water and the calories burned would be equal
  • This sounds well and good, but... both my parents were lean, fit, and lifelong exercisers. My mother developed and died of breast cancer at age 73; my father developed Parkinsons at about 75 and -- despite continued dedication to exercise -- is now bent over and shuffling.

    While exercise and positive thinking are fine things, they can't stop our bodies from developing a huge range of problems that can shorten or radically limit our lives. Yes, being slim and fit can HELP, but they can't eliminate inherited, infectious, or spontaneous disorders.

    It troubles me when articles like this one suggest "if only you'd done more you wouldn't have cancer/parkinsons/arthritis/dementia." Sure, healthy living CAN make the difference, but blaming folks for these disorders as if they could have prevented them if only they'd tried harder is, I think, a disservice.
  • Yes! I'm 71 now. When I was on the border between overweight and entry-level obese I felt so old, I felt like I was 80 and I moaned and groaned when I went upstairs. Now I'm in the middle of the normal range and I exercise a lot - Jazzercise, Curves, walking (can't run because of a knee replacement), belly dancing, and I feel 50. Tomorrow is my daughter's 50th birthday, and I now feel as if I'm that same age. I highly recommend exercise, and weight loss too.
  • This is a great article. At 69 I'm often told I look younger although I seldom wear make-up. I attribute this to keeping active, being a naturally positive person, and doing things for others instead of focusing on my problems... we all have them... but helping other people can make your own problems look pretty small.

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