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Why Potatoes Are Good for You

The Underrated Benefits of Spuds


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  • This is an article that needs updating and needs better references as well.

    For low carbers, cooked and cooled potatoes might still fit your plan, at least in small quantities. The starch that is readily absorbed by your body when the potatoes are hot changes form as it cools and provides less energy (calories) to your body, but is GREAT food for some of your gut bacteria! It's called resistant starch.
  • Bottom line, potatoes are good food. What we as people do to potatoes, not so much!
  • Now I see, article is from 2012. Currently, it's been re-posted by SP in late 2017.
  • What year is this article from? Is Sparkpeople not familiar with safe, real food issues like pesticides and GMOs? Is the word "organic" even used in this piece? It's such a basic issue. And low-carb eating is not a "lingering 90s' fad." This article's references are all of TWO items, one of which has something to do with a "Potato Board." That would be a commercial growers group, yes? Thanks.
  • When my son was diagnosed with hypoglycaemia I was watching a webinar by the diabetes association of Canada. There was a study done on the gi index of red potatoes that showed if you cooled them they actually don’t cause a big spike in sugar levels. So they were recommending potato salad as long as you don’t fill it with all sorts of crap.
  • One of my favorite snacks is a baked potato - add a bit of butter and grated cheese!
  • Great info..thanks
  • helpful information in this article. Thanks!
  • Very informative
    nice and informative keep sharing like this good luck
  • I love potatoes. Like all things in moderation is ok. I try to do low carb because eating starch, rice, potatoes, and noodles raises my sugar reading very high.
    I'm a major potato eater. I enjoy a small one for lunch a n d one for super. To keep them healthy I put vinegar, diced raw sweet onions, salt, and pepper on them....yumm.
  • That is so good to hear. I love potatoes! When I was a kid, my Mom use to tell me I was going to turn into a potato. I will just have to cook them in a healthier way.

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