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Whittle Your Waist, Fatten Your Wallet

5 Goal-Setting Tips for Fitness and Finances



4/24/2014 9:50:51 AM

TUBLADY's SparkPage
I liked this article. Fitness and Finance goes hand in hand. Both need to be addressed and too often both get put on the back burner.
I have an unique way to save extra. I shop at thrift stores, for every 20.00 I spend, save 5.00 for savings. For every pound I gain during a week, even if I lose it later that week, I match it dollar for pound. I also save a dollar for every day here on Spark. Plus the pounds I lost to reach goal in dollars. I was going to use to buy new clothes. No need. have plenty. Now I just save, maybe a cruise, or maybe add to my retirement fund.
I exercise everyday. I pay into the fund if I miss a day or don't get in my steps.


3/13/2014 12:43:37 PM

I liked this article...thank you!


6/9/2013 11:27:16 AM

Good advice to use.


3/8/2013 8:02:22 PM

GALINAZ's SparkPage
This was right on target for me. I feel I manage my finances very well and I never thought of drawing a parallel to managing my fitness! I've made a sticky note to remind me to apply the financial skills to my fitness efforts.


3/6/2013 2:13:02 PM

I like the comparisons, I want to save an extra $200 this month so I should compare it to cutting out an extra 200 calories from my diet or doing two extra workout than normal. I got these new DVD's called "The Firm" and I like the 20 minute workouts - I figure twice a day twenty minutes each and I've got it licked!


3/6/2013 8:59:58 AM

ICANDOIT1220's SparkPage
Good solid advice. There are things in life that are actually simpler than we make them out to be. I often jump on the scale and think, "How did I just gain 3 pounds?!" when I know that I haven't been tracking and I have been doing extra snacking. Things creep up on you.


3/6/2013 6:31:53 AM

Spot on!! I never thought of it all that way ,but it makes good sense.


12/18/2012 1:23:53 PM

JEFFCANN's SparkPage
I suggest folks look at You Need a Budget (YNAB) - a computer application that significantly improved my financial planning.

Similar to the suggestions above, YNAB has four rules:

1. Give every dollar a job
2. Save for a rainy day
3. Roll with the punches
4. Live on last month's income

The program is designed to help you use these rules to get control of your finances. I think it is fun to use and there is a great community of people at YNAB that share a similar passion as SparkPeople.


12/18/2012 10:50:01 AM

JULIE700's SparkPage
That was excellent advice that I needed right now!

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