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Sweet Swaps: Baking with Sugar Substitutes

How to Lighten Up Your Favorite Treats


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  • Different strokes for different folks people. Way too much negativity in these responses.
  • I find when I bake with Stevia I have to cut it down even more than what is recommended. Things come out way too sweet. I don't use it much but I have not found a happy medium to this product.
  • Stevia also can be bought in bulk...But you only gave the equation for the packets. I want to know, cup for cup, how it can be substituted for baking.
  • ONLYME33
    WHAT??? ANY 'ose' sugar sub product is stored as 'FAT' in the body any unused up s energy that is and I agree with others' comments they are typically artificial and not good for us. Aspartame/Saccharin also chemical substitutes have been shown to be "carcinogens" That is "Cancer Causing Agents" Hello need to hone up on your advice here.
  • What ever happened to good ol' honey? It's natural AND good for you. I'd sure like to know how to substitute it for sugar when baking.
  • I prefer to avoid the sugar substitutes. Most have an awful aftertaste and usually cause me to crave more sweets. If I really want a sweet treat, I simply have a small portion and add it into my tracker!
  • Aspartame? Sucralose? Saccharin? I can't believe SparkPeople is even mentioning these awful chemical-laden health bombs...and especially to diabetics! Only thing mentioned in this article that I ever use in place of sugar is stevia!
  • We do not use artificial sugar. I don't believe those chemicals are good for you. Best to just cut back as your tastes do change as you cut back on sugar. Moderation is key. Best to substitute with natural sweetened sources if you want to, such as applesauce, dates, honey, coconut sugar etc. please skip these artificial sugar choices if you want to continue on a healthy lifestyle path.
  • Good article! I prefer to avoid sugar substitutes because of the after taste most leave. I just program in sweet treats (sometime use baking subs like applesauce or prunes, etc.) but pretty much use the real thing!!
    I can't use any type of artificial sweetener for 2 reasons. One - they all have a horrible chemical aftertaste - even Stevia, and two, they increase my cravings for sugar.

    You can change your taste buds to get used to less sugar. Years ago, I used to drink an 8-ounce cup of coffee with 2 heaping teaspoons of sugar. I weaned myself off sugar, and now don't use any sugar in coffee or tea. If I accidently pick up my husband's cup of coffee - with either sugar or Truvia in it, and take a taste, it makes me gag. I cannot drink soda because it's too sweet, and diet soda is even worse.

    I have found that the less sweets I have in my diet, the less I crave them. The easiest way to stay away from sweets is to not buy them in the first place. If they're not in my house, I don't miss them.
  • I stay away from all artificial sweeteners because I have heard that they aren't good for you. I just cut back on sugar. I've been doing it little at a time.
  • Saccharin gives you cancer. Don't fill your body with synthetic chemicals to help yourself get healthier and live longer - a lot of it is poison designed to make you addicted to the manufactured food industry. It is pointless to replace something moderately unhealthy for you with someone that is extremely unhealthy for you.

    Use no-sugar-added applesauce, ripe pineapple chunks, prunes or raisins or any dried or ripe fruit, or 100% fruit juices.
    everything in moderation..if I want a sweet once in awhile..I will leave some carbs I am counting for that...artifical sweetners r not good for you in my opinion..Sandi.
  • If I'm going to splurge on empty calories like baked goods, I want full fat and real sugar.
    Splenda, Stevia, Truvia are all off the table for me; I love some hilarious earth-shattering flatulence as much as the next guy, but the debilitating abdominal cramps I can do without.

    I put Equal in my morning coffee, and I drink a nice icy cold can of Diet Coke in the afternoon because it keeps me from snacking.
  • I used Truvia in some homemade applesauce last year. It was HORRIBLE! Such a bitter aftertaste. I ended up throwing it away. I don't know if I would try an artifical sweetener again for it. I might just have to portion smaller.

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