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Sweet Swaps: Baking with Sugar Substitutes

How to Lighten Up Your Favorite Treats


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This article really needs to be updated. If the writer is truly about "wellness," recommendations on not using some of the substitutes she lists should also be included. Report
For me this article is somewhat dated in 2018. I don't use several of the sweetners listed her - Sucralose, aspartame, saccharin. Some of what I now consider using is not listed here. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks. Ironic timing on this--just read today how sugar is processed many times with animal products and not all sugar is considered vegan. Wow! Who knew? Report
It is easier to stay away from "treats" completely rather than trying to substitute, which never really satisfies and leaves you wanting more.. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I only use Splenda for my ice tea, but that is probably not a good idea? Report
Thanks for the article. Report
I only use Stevia Report
I've found that the sugar substitutes work just fine for baking, but they DON'T work well for making fruit jellies. I make a lot of wild fruit jellies every year (beach plum, wild grape, crabapple, prickly pear) and even when using the "no-sugar-needed" pectins, I find that the consistency is too soft, and the color is cloudy, not clear. If anyone has found a way around this problem, I'd love to hear from you! Report
I, too, prefer Splenda. 8-) Report
Splenda brown sugar blend is my favorite. Report
Good information. Report
good suggestions - I have used some of those and it is hard to tell the difference between real and a substitute. Report

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